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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Ugly Truth: Pregnancy Sucks Part II

(me again)

We pulled to the bright shiny lights of what else a Casino. Not only a casino but a casino in the middle of nowhere land. I had not way to get back home I was stuck. My mom reasured me that she was only going to be playing with a twenty and that as soon as it was gone we would head home. I as furious but really how long can twenty dollars go in a casino. Well to my surprise my mom only plays the penny machines and twenty dollars goes along way on a penny machine. Do you know how many pennies are in a twenty dollar bill....lets see how about 2,000 pennies.

In the beginning I stayed I waited and I waited. She won some she lost some she one some more and some more. Those 2,000 pennies weren't going anywhere they were getting bigger and bigger. I finally got fed up and proclaimed that I was going to wait in the car. I thought that being the over protective mom that she was she wouldn't want the pregnancy lady serial killers to get me while I was in the car, I was wrong. I ended up sleeping in the car 8 almost 9 months pregnant sleeping in the back of my moms car while she played her penny machines. This was only a sign of what was to come, so much for me being taken care of properly. We finally left the casino the next day I was grumpy and angry and regretting my decision to come to back home.

Once the week started and my mom went back to work she decided to task me because sitting around the house just wasn't going to do pregnant or not. Because according to my mom she helped my dad move all the furniture into their very first house when she was 9 months pregnant. So mom left for work telling me that she wanted all of my stuff out of her attic because she refused to have an attic like her mothers, where people just left there stuff never to return to it. I was sitting there hating life and thinking I could be back in California with my ever so helpful roommates vs being here having to clean out a hot ass attic in the middle of summer. If this was her idea of taking care of me it sure made me rethink ever coming home to having another child. So doing as my mother had directed me I took my short fat self up those steep narrow stairs to her attic and proceeded to get my stuff.

The days drug on like they normally did when I was pregnant with everyday bringing me closer to insanity. One day I had moved the remote controls and was instructed to not move them again. Another day I had when to grab a plate out of the cabinet and box of forks fell out, my mother rushed in screaming at me about how stuff like that doesn't happen when I am not here. I was starting to wonder why I had come back, oh yeah so that I could be properly cared for. I had yet to be cared for but apparently our definitions came from to different dictionaries. More time went by it felt like an eternity and then one day I was thought I was having contractions it was about the right time by now I was nine months pregnant and I was ready. I woke my mom up at 3 am in the morning to rush me to the birthing center. To my surprise I wasn't having contractions I was just constipated and my stomach was cramping. The nurse decided that I needed an enema to make it all better.

Let me tell you this was no Fleet enema this was like some industrial elephant enema (maybe I am exaggerating a bit) but it was this long plastic tube and the edges were a little rough. She wanted me to assume the position but I was scared. My mom sat in the corner laughing at me as I kept telling the nurse to stop and let me prepare myself. The nurse began to get frustrated with me my mom thought the whole things was a great comedy and then when I was expecting it she got me. I felt so violated and after that I vowed I would never have another child again. If having children required people to stick industrial elephant enema's up your backside I wanted no parts of it.

We went home and after arriving home my mother was none to happy with me that I had woken her up just for that. She didn't want to waste her time running to the doctor until the baby was actually here because she had only taken 30 days off. I was a little put off but what could I expect this was the same lady that drug me to a casino forcing me to sleep in the car, made me clean her attic, scolded me about a remote control and proclaimed that things didn't call out of the cabinets when I wasn't around. I just accepted this as my fate.

More time drug on and I figured this baby was here to stay he had taken up residence in my body and became own personal parasite. My due date came and went and no sign of the little Daylan anywhere. I began to grow restless but mom thought I just needed to be more active. I didn't want to be more active I was far past my due date and I was losing hope. Hope was really lost when I began peeing on myself, what is this every time I move or stand up there is this pee I was mortified so I didn't say anything I just stayed in my dark room trying to forget, trying not to move.

A doctor's visit soon approached and she stated that I needed to go to the birthing center to find out what was going on. They did an ultrasound and discovered that he was taking up all the room that I had and there was little to no fluid around him. What!? So they admitted me right away and the doctor decided that she was going to have a induce my labor, she went to break my water but nothing happened. Apparently that whole entire week that I had been "peeing" on myself my water had broken but to my defense it was nothing like the movies or the tv shows I had watched, and I had watched them all. I didn't feel a big gush there wasn't anything how was I to know my books didn't prepare me for this.

The story of course doesn't end there Daylan was born just 4hrs later after being admitted but that is a story in and of itself. I'll tell it to you next time.


Kimberly said...

I want to hug the shit out of you...you poor thing. That must have been one of the most difficult experiences ever. I can't even imagine being so pregnant and sleeping in a car!
And the garden hose of death...errr I mean enema?! That is just awful!!
I'm in this for the long haul. Waiting for more!

bigguysmama said...

I am so sorry that the expectations you had of your mom never seemed to have appeared. I've thought that if I ever HAD to, I'd take my kids and live with my mom. We did a vacation together a couple years ago and it reminded me why I left home at 18...over 20 yrs ago. I don't think I could do it again unless there were truly no other options. Don't get me wrong. I love my mom, but I don't think I could live with her.

~Mimi from Lamby Tribe

Wining Mommies said...

My lord, you are a strong woman. This is quite the story, and I don't envy you one bit. I'll be back for the next chapter...
- Erin from Lamby

Danielle said...

Thank You everyone for stopping by to check out part II. I told my mom that I posted this story she said "oh no they are going to think that I am horrible" but she is a good sport and a very good mom she has her moments but like she always tell me "I didn't have a book" when I bring up something that she did. I love her dearly even through it all.

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