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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ugly Truth: Preganacy Sucks Part I

(Yeah that's me all smiles)

This past Sunday was my son Daylan's birthday and it got me thinking about when I was pregnant with him and how much I hated it. I love my son to death but wished that I could have bypassed the pregnancy part altogether. The truth is pregnancy sucked it wasn't all beautiful like some would have lead you to believe. I didn't feel more enlightened and spiritual, I felt fat, bloated and constipated most of the time actually.

I was 22 when I got pregnant with my son and I was at the beginning of my Coast Guard career. I had big plans and was ready to set sail to new adventures and new places. Pregnancy stopped me dead in my tracks. Those adventures and places took a backseat to the reality that I was going to be a mom. I was landlocked the only places I was destined to explore now were through the many travel claims that graced my desk. I could only imagine that I was chasing drug runners from Mexico, providing aid to those struck by disaster, dispensing medicine to foreign countries, laying on beaches at port calls. Pregnancy and motherhood were going to be my new adventure. I was ready, or so I thought.

The first trimester I was still on my boat and the slight swaying of our docked ship made me sick all the time. I would lay in my rack nauseous knowing that if I got up I was going to spew that nights chow all over the floor of the room that I shared with a host of other women. I lay there just thinking what have I done to myself why did I do this am I nuts. Not to long after I was sent packing to the island Coast Guard Island to be exact. The days drug on as my friends where out on their many adventures at sea. I cried often wish I could be there, corresponding with them over email longing for an adventure.

I spent the majority of my pregnancy sick and wishing that it would end and my baby would just be here in my arms making it all worthwhile. The days came and went and came and went but to no avail I just remained pregnant. My mother was driving me crazy at this point telling me how I shouldn't leave the house at night because there were crazy serial killers out that only killed pregnant women, she had reliable sources the nightly news was flooded with images of pregnant women being killed babies ripped from their stomachs. This didn't help me much so now not only was I fat, bloated, constipated but my belly was a welcome mat for the pregnant lady serial killers, I was doomed.

Eventually my mom convinced me that I should come home where I could be cared for properly. She promised to be attentive and take really good care of me, I had my doubts knowing my mom this was not going to happen. So put into have my baby at home in Oklahoma. I fly for what seems like forever from California to Oklahoma. I am greeted by my mother eager to show me off. We trek to her job in the scorching August heat and I am exhausted but time to put on a happy face. I make my rounds through the hospital where she works waddling the entire way wishing I could just lay down but to no avail because mom has big plans.

After visiting the entire state of Oklahoma I was pooped but it wasn't over yet. Mom decided she needed to go to the "store". She asked me to come with her I figured I haven't seem my mom in almost a year so why not it just the store how long could going to the store really take. So we are riding in the car and I start to notice that we are going the wrong way, we began to get on the highway and I know for a fact that the store is not this way. Mom is just talking away like she does and then I see it the neon glow. Where oh where did we go you may ask......

Check Back Tomorrow for Part II


tawna6988 said...

Girl! I HATED being pregnant. Love my kids to death, hate the pregnancy part. i was sick 24/7 constipated and hurt all over, never slept. Toximia and bed rest everytime. yuck! had an ablation done after my last child and am so glad i NEVER have to do that again!

Dagmar said...

I LOVED being pregnant. Was so sick for two month I was on disability, but after that I couldn't get enough of it. Also love the experience of giving birth without drugs LOL! I did :)

Dagmar's momsense

Kimberly said...

First of all, you are one gorgeous Momma...just had to point that out

I am just going to come out and say it...I loved being pregnant. I don't know what it was about it that made me like it so much. I did get a lot of slack from my other mom friends about the fact that I enjoyed it...even from my own mother.
I think we are all so different and we all have different experiences, but I do have to say that the end result of being pregnant was pretty awesome!

PS. Coming from bloggy Moms

w0rkingAth0mE said...

i am a mother as well, i don't even remember that i hated being a pregnant, but sometimes there are days its difficult but still happy i have my 3 years old daughter now.

Domestic Goddess Mommy said...

You may not like pregnancy, but pregnancy LOVES you! Stunning picture! I hated the first 4 months of pregnancy, but loved when the baby moved.
Can't wait to find out where she took you!

Miss Sassy LaLa said...

I am sorry you hated it. I loved it! Yep I was the girl everyone hated. Never sick, no cravings,always happy never crying, no stretch marks happily drugged birth.
Of course I was told I would not get pregnant and trust me I had tried. Then it happened and it was the greatest thing in my life. As much as I hate to gain wieght I could not wait to have a big ol' belly, and I got it thats for sure.
Can't wait to read more

Wisconsin Mommy said...

You know what that SNL guy used to say "It's better to look good than to feel good" (eek - I'm dating myself here!). You look amazing in that picture!

I was fine once I got past the 1st trimester. But everyone has different experiences!

Jenny Brown said...

Beautiful picture of you.... (when I was pregnant, I could have only dreamed of being this beautiful!) I'm envious! Can't wait for part 2.... :):)

Johanna said...

Thanks for following and thanks for commenting my page, love it! i am now following you back and you are now in the Penthouse. Check back in onhow to get VIP status at http://www.momstreehouse.com/. Thanks again : )

Danielle said...

Thank You everyone that has commented and to you ladies that loved pregnancy you guys are crazy but then again we are all different and I wouldn't have wished my pregnancy on anyone.

Part 2 is sure to bring some laughs so you gotta come back and check out the madness.

Anonymous said...

First time was a piece of cake all the way to the end I didn't need drugs because I just passed out from the pain. But I only had to push (3)times before a baby boy. With my girl pure hell from beginning to end, she was (2)weeks early and weighted 8lbs 10oz. So I feel your pain.

Mommy NaniBooboo said...

Oh my- where oh where did you go? I can't wait to find out.
I also can't imagine being on a boat in your first trimester- bleh.

PS- Go Bessie Tribe!

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