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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Time to Get a Gun

So that Miranda Lambert song just keeps playing in my head over and over again…

“Time to get a gun.
Thats what I've been thinking.
I could afford one,
if I did just a little less drinking.”

Yeah I listen to country. What can I say I am an Oklahoma girl born and raised. Anyway this has been laying really heavy on me lately. It seems that everyone around me keeps talking about how I need to get a gun to protect me and Daylan from the weirdo’s wandering around outside. I am really just not so sure that a gun is the right move for me. I know your saying “But Danielle your in the military”, yeah I know I am in the military but I am far from being in on a battlefield. I work a desk job and my biggest fear is if I get a paper cut while shuffling through all the papers on my desk.

I think that my biggest fear in getting a gun is that I will panic and end up forgetting how to shoot it. I don’t do very good with that kind of pressure, I am not even good and those shooting video games I always end up shooting the person that is on my team. Now give me a car and I can go Grand Theft Auto on someone but a gun just freaks me out.

What do you all think about having a gun in the house to defend yourself?


Devone said...

My husband and I own our own guns for protection. We haven't needed to use them yet, and hopefully we will never have to. But if the time comes where we have to defend ourselves and our property we will without a second thought! Get a gun, you may never need to use it, but if you do, you don't want to be without one.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

We own guns fora variety of reasons, including protection. But it's the boonies out here & everyone knows or assumes everyone has a gun which is a form of protection in and of itself. No one around here is going to break into an occupied house, odds are they will get a shotgun in their face.
This is farm country, full of hunters & people who shoot the varmints that eat their garden produce. We personally go after raccoons in the garbage because often they are rabid. DH & I used to do competitive shooting before the kids were born.
I feel safer with the shotgun when I am alone overnight. The sound of loading it & universally known & will get rid of most people. At close range you will do a hell of a lot of damage, the shot spreads out so your accuracy can be a little off and it makes a good solid club.
We keep our small arsenal locked in a gun safe in out bedroom closet

The Meditative Mom said...

Just popping in from Bloggy Moms. (I'm networked to death too!)

Cute blog. I am too scared to get a gun for fear of something bad happening to a loved one. I'm totally a worry wart though (I always think someone is going to break in to the house) so I feel like it might not be a bad idea for protection.

KAM said...

Hi! Stopping by from Bessie tribe...

My husband and I have a gun...or two or three or more...we live in Kentucky and it's fairly common. It took some getting used to though. I was a "city" girl and my husband grew up on a farm. However, he won me over and I even got my concealed carry permit. I feel much safer with a gun in the house, especially when I'm home alone.

Mellisa Rock said...

Another Oklahoma Blogger? That's great! I'm from southeast OK. I know the mentality around our parts is to have one - but I just can't - I too think I would panic and either forget how it works or hurt someone. Hope that you guys stay safe.

Lamby Tribe

Tye said...

I will admit that I as well felt the same way you did up until about a few weeks ago, but after an incident that we experienced at home on leave a few weeks ago. I now have second thoughts, and my husband and I plan on purchasing a weapon for our protection because you just never know. There are to many crazy people that wander the streets these days.

I'm visiting from the Sits Girls Skunk Military Tribe and now following your post. I hope you will stop by and visit me sometime.

Diary of a Chic Mommy

Danielle said...

You know after reading all of your comments I may really consider getting a gun. There is a shooting range at my job (perks of the military)so I am just stop in and talk to them and see if I can get more information so that I can be better educated if I decide to go ahead and get a gun.

eof777 said...

I Feel the same way you do about guns... stay away!
There are lots of stories of accidental discharges, suicide, crime and so on that are connected to gun holders that I prefer the pacifist approach.
Also, when you have young children at home, the risk rises even higher of getting hurt. I don't want one!
Looking forward to more posts...
I'm a Lamby Team member and have subscribed to your blog and more.
Have a Happy week ahead!

Jamie said...

Hey - I found your blog through the (In)Courage forum and had to comment. My husband is military and often away. When I'm home by myself for long stretches, nothing makes me quite as comforted as the rifle next to the bed! With a little training and common sense guns are perfectly safe even with children around and nothing evens up your odds against an attacker faster! :0)
Really enjoyed your blog and will stop back!

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