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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Safelist Created for Mommy Blogs

I know that as a mom blogger we are all looking for new and innovative ways to increase our traffic and to get are blogs out there. Safelist are an untapped resource for the mom blogger and to date there are none actually geared strictly toward the mom blogger.

I recently started using a regular safelist network. I liked the traffic that I saw from it but I soon realized that I wasn't reaching my targeted audience which i why I am introducing all of you to Mommy Blogs United ( a safelist created by me and made strictly for the mommy blogger)

So you may be thinking what is a safelist so instead of me explaining this part let me reference Buzzle.com and there article on "What is a Safelist"

A safe list is and email list you can join for free, and in returning for joining you are aloud to email out to the entire list of members that join. Usually most safelists have different levels of memberships you can join at, and each different level will allow you to email more members more often.

The best types of safe lists to join are ones that are credit based. Joining a credit based safe list makes sure members visit your website, because in order for them to mail out they must earn credits. The only way to do this is by clicking on links to your website in the emails that are sent out.

So now that you know what a safe list is, and which ones you should join lets go over how to effectively use them to get traffic to your website.

Mailing to the list is one thing, but in order to get the best result you must know when and how to mail to it. Some of your mailing will do better then others, but if you mail to a safelist at the right time they will all do well.

The best time to mail to a safe list is either early in the morning, or late at night. This is when most people are checking their email, and more likely to see your email and read it.

Now not all emails will get the same response. However the most responsive emails for safelists are one that offer free stuff, and lead people to a lead capture page. Some things you can give away for free are software programs, ebooks, and free reports just to name a few.

Now that you know the overall basics of safe list marketing it is time to put what you have learned to action. So get out there and join some safe list and start building your list.

So here are some benefits of joining The Mommy Blogs United Safelist

  • Membership is Free
  • You will have access to a targeted audience
  • You can advertise your latest post, your giveaways or just a featured post that you want to get alot of attention
  • You will also have a complete list of other blog just like yours to be able to build up your backlinks
  • Also earn 25% on Pro Membership referral's


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