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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Smell of Vomit in the Morning

The little things that happen as a mommy that make you think what in the world did I get into this for. Last night had walked upstairs and left Daylan on the couch watching the Upside Down Show and I noticed while I was up there that it had gotten far to quite downstairs and I needed to check on Daylan. When I made it to the couch he was hanging over the side not saying anything. I thought that he was playing and told him to lay down he didn't move so I walked around to the front of the couch and discovered that my little on was extremely sick. He had lost all is dinner over the side of the couch and all over the spot he was sitting in. Then the all of a sudden the smell hit me and I thought that I was going to be sick myself. I told Daylan to stay there and that I would go and get him a towel. I went in the closet donned the big protective gloves and went to work cleaning him and the all the things he had thrown up on up.

I finally had gotten everything cleaned up and carried him upstairs and gotten him in bed. He kept telling me "Mommy I sick, Mommy I sick....my tummy hurts I sick" I told him that I knew and that laying down would make him feel better. I went to my office to do some work when I heard the sound of gagging coming from down the hall. I instantly jumped up to find him sitting up with more vomit all over himself the bed and the floor. But before I saw all of that I walked into the dark room and was immediately met with chunks between my toes. I instantly lost it and ran to the bathroom to be sick. Never never before have I felt as sick as I did that moment and I have been at this for the last 3 years. And then I witnessed by far the nastiest thing in the entire world....

I walked back in to Daylan's bedroom to find the cat had discovered the chunks on the floor and was going to town like he had just discovered a gourmet meal. Once again I lost it and had to run out of the room. During this time my son had to be thinking mommy when are you going to clean me up but before I could get to him I had to get more gloves new shoes and something to put between me and Daylan. I finally got him and his room all cleaned up and proceeded to my bedroom to do more work.

Well the rest of the night pretty much repeated over and over again with him throwing up and me having to get up and clean him up by the morning Daylan was sleeping on a plastic mattress with no covers and no clothes. Now my little man is just starring at me with those big puppy dog eyes. I feel so sorry for him and my couch which he has now thrown up on a total of five times since we have been downstairs.

Praying that he feels better tomorrow for his birthday party.


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