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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Blog Because I Can't Scrapbook

Okay so I am sitting here going through blog after blog envious of the moms who have the kick ass Martha Stewart abilities to create something out nothing but then I realized I have an ability it may not be gluing scraps of paper together to create some great scrapbook pages or decorating cookies for my kids school but I know a thing or two about blogging and the different ways to get increase traffic, get followers on Facebook and Twitter, network your butt off while chasing after my three year old, completing my degree in Elementary Education and Accounting.

Now you’re probably thinking what does this mommy knows about blogging. Well let’s see I have only had this blog for about a month and I already have and Alexa rating of 236,198 (out how many millions upon millions of sites) it gets lower every single day. I have already gotten 142 followers on Google Friend Connect (don’t be shy follow me I don’t bit I promise), and over 179 readers subscribed to my rss feed (which you can stop now and subscribe to if you would like), not to mention my twitter following is already up to 494. Oh and did I mention I was asked to be the featured mom blogger for the month of November at Bloggy Moms ( I am stoked I think I jumped up and down and ran around my house screaming when I got that email). Okay so enough stroking my ego, but your more than welcome to stroke it for me if you would like (now that just sounded dirty).

So how can a busy working mom and student find the time to build up a blog in such a short amount of time? Well here is the skinny on that it wasn’t easy nor did it happen in one day or in a few hours. The entire month and a half that I have been working on this I have spent countless days and nights hooked to my computer promoting and networking occasionally stopping to nap and eat. Now I can understand it you are saying there is no way on God green Earth am I prepared to put that much time and effort into this blogging thing I just do it for fun. Well for me it is an investment an investment in my future and my family’s future. If I can build this up to the point that I would like I can work less and be available more for my family. I know that will take more than a few months but I only have 3 years to get this where it needs to be before my sweet Daylan start Kindergarten. I want to be the mom that drives my son to field trips and helps in the class but I know that it take a stable financial backing to make that happen. Blogging for me means freedom from the 9-5 while still being independent and making my own money. So this is why I dedicate so much time to this venture now.

I would like to share some of my tips with you so please check back every week for detailed articles about different aspects of blogging . If you have not already visited my Blogging Basics page please check it out this will get you familiar with the things I intend to talk about much more in depth in the weeks to come.

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Gayla Tanner said...

I completely get the "comment obsessed", so here it is! =D Without comments, you're left listening to the crickets in the room!

After looking at your follower list, I am here to worship at the feet of the Audience Building Queen, teach!

Danielle said...

Yes and who likes to listen to crickets when there are so many people out there that could possibly come along and stroke at your ego.

Gayla I will be starting my Blogging kick off on Sunday ( I promise I am in no way trying to compete with God on that day)

Dorlita said...

Hi Danielle! I totally understand where your coming from. I feel the same way you do, the only difference is that I have 3 kids and two are already in school. But the last little tike will be in kindergarten in 3 years also. I have two blogs now and I am working day and night to figure out how to get the traffic,ads, giveaways and write more content than I can handle.

So I too am all ears and I appreciate being able to network and connect with a like mind that has passed me up in the know how department. Also congrats on the success you've obtained so far. Bless you sister!

Erica said...

Hi! I grabbed your button. I love your site and all the info you are gracious enough to share. I am a firm believer in Karma and I know your blog will do well and you will be able to do all the things you want to with your son! You have been very kind to me to share the things you have and I totally appreciate it! I understand all about the spending countless hours at your computer trying to build up your site. I am totally jealous of your traffic :) Keep up the good work!!

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