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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If I Could Write a Letter to Me

I was riding in the car only a few short minutes ago and the song If I Could Write a Letter to Me by Brad Paisley (yes another country song) came on. As I listened to it I got to thinking what would I have told myself if I could send a letter back in time. I of course couldn’t send a letter to myself as a little kid because I wouldn’t be able to read but I think I would send the 12 year old me a letter that went something like this….

Danielle I know that your only 12 and moving to a new house and a new school seems like it will be the end of the world but it’s not your going to make it, I can’t lie and tell you that it will be easy you are going to feel like the world around you is closing in but don’t be scared stand up for yourself and always fight for what you believe is right. Please Danielle don’t let those around you bring you down and use you. You’re the most wonderful person and what others think doesn’t matter don’t try to please them just stay true to who you are never lose sight of the fact that these days won’t last forever they are just temporary things that will make you stronger as you face everything that is yet to come.

Danielle don’t be so trusting of people that call themselves friends, bad things happen to you when you stop trusting your parents and started trusting these people. As crazy and out of touch that you think your parents are they are so worried about you when you stop coming home at night. Please don’t break their hearts they worked so hard to give you everything they thought that you needed. In the end when everyone leaves you, uses you and takes advantage of you they will still be there with faith in their hearts that one day you will pull yourself together and do great things.

Danielle I know your dad doesn’t talk to you and tell you he loves you as much as you wish but he does. He loves you more then you will ever imagine. He will be your biggest supporter and one day your going to join the Coast Guard and your dad is going to be there, right there when you graduate from boot camp, he is going to be there when you have your first child and you will see a whole different side of him I promise. One day you will realize that he always always loved you even under his tough demeanor.

Danielle please don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with your Granny hug her every chance you get, talk to her, ask her questions, learn her story because one day you will look up and she won’t know who you are and you’ll never get the chance to do it again. I know you busy with your friends and being a kid but there are things you will just never get a chance to redo.

Danielle your mom is just as crazy now as she was then but she means well. One day you will learn that she only was doing the best she could because she didn’t have a book. She too will be your biggest champion cheering you on. Sometimes the words don’t come out right but the feelings are nothing but love. She isn’t trying to keeping you from doing what you want but trying to protect you from the hurt the world can bring. She will keep you laughing and the lady that drives you nuts now will be the one you call on through all the rough patches in your life, she will be the one that will help to get you back on your feet time and time again, she will wipe your slate clean so many times. One day you will spend hours talking to her on the phone so many hours that you have may fall asleep and wake up and she will still be talking. I know you can’t imagine it now but you will talk to her almost every day when your older.

Oh and Danielle you will have the most beautiful son. He will bring your life so much light and purpose you will tip toe into his room at night and just look at him with amazement. Your going to be a good mom and your little boy is going to love you so much and you will love him so much it hurts.

Well Danielle live your life to the fullest, listen to you parents, love and respect yourself, break ups and heart aches will come but stay strong because people love you. You will be a strong woman and a great mother. Oh yeah your going to have one hell of a ride along the way but I don’t want to spoil all the good things that are coming I just want to prepare you to embrace who you are and what you stand for.


misskallie2000 said...

My letter would read alot like yours. I would also tell me to have faith in myself and use my gut feelings when I am are not sure what is the right thing to do or say. To stand up for myself and not allow anyone to walk all over me. To hug my children every day even if they feel they are to old to hug and tell them I love them every day. I am more like my Mother than I realized and do not show my feelings as I should and hold in intstead of saying how I feel. I do for the people I love. I give to them of myself and everything I have but seldom tell them I love them. I am changing this but it will take time.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Losing Brownies said...

What a beautiful letter to yourself!

I know mine would have the same message about friends. It's horrible when you think you can trust someone and they turn out to be the most untrustworthy person ever.

Mellisa Rock said...

This is amazing and really touched my heart. It's so hard to imagine when you are young that your parents really are looking out for your best interests instead of trying to control your life. Fabulous POst!

Vivian said...

great letter =)

following your blog now, would love it if you checked out mine!


Danielle said...

I would like to thank all of you ladies for your comments. Its so easy to look back and say what we could have done and it would seriously be nice if I could write a letter to my past self. The best that we can all do now is cherish the people around us and allow ourselves to learn from the struggles and heart aches of the past for a better tomorrow and a even brighter future. In the end all the things of the past shaped us into the wonderful people we are today.

sharon said...

This is a really lovely letter to yourself. I found this application once that allowed you to write a letter to the future, so I wrote one to my future self. Unfortunately, I don't even remember the email address I was using then and I can't remember what website the application was (this was before I knew what social bookmarking was - like 10 years ago lol).

But I think I'll borrow this and write a letter to myself. Reading yours has been really profound.

Thanks for your visit to my site; I am still thinking through stuff but I'll let you know.

Sharon - http://www.thehomediva.info

Danielle said...

Sharon I actually wrote a letter to my future self when I was around 9 or 10. I was one of those weird kids that believed that time travel was possible and other things that were not actually possible so I wrote a letter to myself and I kept it and opened 10years later. Well let me tell I had not accomplished any of the things on my list. It was kind of depressing at the time to look and see where I was an were I thought I would be but now day's I know that I am happier not being a rich dentist because I could not on my life deal with dirty mouth's no matter how much money someone threw at me.

kris said...

So many lovely wishes of softness and tenderness and understanding for your 12 year old self. Some warnings, yes . . . but I love that you reassure the child you were that her parents love her and that they are doing their best.

That they will reveal themselves to be lovelier than they appear to be to 12 year old you.

My favorite part of this letter, though?

Is the wish that 12 year old you would take the time to get to know her grandmother. Time is so fleeting, and there are no do-overs.


A lovely letter.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great writing! Maybe you could do a follow up to this topic!!!

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