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Thursday, September 23, 2010

AdBrite vs Adsense

This isn't normally the type of thing that I talk about here but today I will have to make an exception because I realized something today. Adsense just isn't up to par. I find it difficult to use and customize to your site and the pay scale is less than favorable. Keep in mind I am not looking to get rich here or anything else but I want to use an ad service that actually pays me for all of my page views and lets me personally select what sites I allow to advertise. I looked and I looked and I came across AdBrite and it by far was much simpler to use and customize to my needs also it payed much better then google Adsense.

Here are screenshots of both of my accounts for the same days and look who paid more....

AdBrite Paid a total of: $.28

AdSense Paid a total of : $.18

I know you are probably thinking 10cents whats that but those few extra cents add up and any of you frugal moms, coupon moms or just people in general who watch there money know that every penny counts.


Ms. Katrina said...

I have an Adbrite account but I've never done much with it. I'll back into it...Later. Lol. There are just so many options to monetize a blog. My favorite is Adgitize. That's how I ended up on your blog this morning. :-)

Dorlita said...

People don't believe I get down to the penny. I know that's right EVERY penny counts.

Mobile Games said...

Adsense is so strick! You may not know one day that your account get banned without further explanation on the exact reason for banning.

Adbrite is good and my earnings soar high as my traffic increases. But i also tried other options like Nuffnang and Infolinks.

Danielle said...

Mobile Games it is so funny that you should say that about Adsense being strict I am actually currently disabled for being an adult site. I burst out laughing when they sent me the email stating that my site contained adult content. I knew then that obviously they had computers running the company and not people because anyone that has been to this site can clearly see that my site is not an adult site. I actually think that just gave me an idea for my post tomorrow...still laughing about that one.

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