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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Things You Never Knew about Me

SO for all of my readers who don't know me personaly there are some things I think its time for me to share with you all.

1) I am active duty in the Coast Guard and have been in going on 5 years next March

2) I am scared to death of birds and when I was stationed on a cutter back when I first got into the Coast Guard I was attacked by one in the middle of the night (True Story)

3) I use to be a Hooters Girl (back in the day before I had Daylan)

4) I have had plastic surgery although I was a Hooters Girl I had no Hooters. I actually got my breast implants about a year ago and I love them and am really considering going under the knife one more time for a little lipo.

5) I am obsessed with the Real Housewives of NY, NJ, ATL, OC, DC and I can't wait til Beverly Hills starts on the 14th of August

6) I don't like choclate...don't ask because the story makes no sense to anyone but me

7) I knew that I was going to have a son before I ever got pregnant and I had picked out his name when I was 12. (there is a story behind this one too and it involves an Indian reservation)

8) I use to go ghost hunting with my friends in the middle of the night ( I was around 19)

9) I as an "A" student during the day and wild and crazy party girl durning the night ( I know you all think you went crazy during high school but I got some stories that put most people to shame but I am not tell because I am suppose to be respectable these days)

10) I use to work on a television show (key word use to) I was a production assistant for College Hill: Season 2 on BET (filmed at Langston University). There is definitely a story behind this one but I might have to save this one for a tell-all book...wink wink


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