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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Show: Child Hoarders

I have a true obsession with all of these tv shows on hoarders. They have them all people who hoard stuff to people that hoard animals but where oh where are the shows about people who hoard children. I am not talking about the feel good shows like the Duggars or Kate plus Eight but a show that really examines these people have all of these kids.

Last time I checked we weren't on the Oregon Trail so we don't need to have a plethora of kids since little Timmy won't die of diphtheria. I am patiently waiting for this show to be created where families sit down and have interventions with these child hoarding parents and the specialist comes in and tell them "Im here to help you. We want you to just pick 2 or 3 kids you really like and we will find the rest good homes"

I have never understood the need to have so many kids but then again the flashing lights of Hollywood has made child hoarding the in thing to do. Maybe I should jump on the ban wagon and go get my turkey basting on an pop out about 6 or 7 kids so I can get my own TLC reality show. Its a sick sick thing these people are doing I mean seriously even if you had enough money to support all of these little ones do these people really have enough time to dedicate to each and every child (15 mins of quality time each isn't enough).

I guess in their defense at least they have better odds of ending up with one child that will actually take care of them in their old age then again they could just have a bunch of bitter children that will grow up and never speak to them again.

I am good with my one. Everyone else can repopulate the already overly populated world I have already replaced myself and his name is Daylan so I think my work is done.


Tina F. said...

Amen. I think Im good with one too. My hoohah has suffered enough as is. I don't know how the Duggar mom does it.

Anyway, I love your blog! I think you've got a lot of spunk momma!

By the way, I just gave you an award on my blog. Feel free to check it out =)

Christy said...

Hahaha love the quip about Oregon Trail!!! (I agree with you whole-heartedly by the way)

Amy said...

I agree that having kids for attention for attention or publicity is awful! It is extremely detrimental to the psychological welfare of the children. I have, however, met a few mothers with 6+ children who raise wonderful, happy families. Unfortunately, it seems that they are the exception.

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