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Sunday, December 5, 2010

You, Your Blog and Twitter

I want to talk to you all about social media with today’s focus on Twitter and growing your presence on Twitter in order to expand your blog and increase your traffic. I will assume that we all know what Twitter is and the potential that Twitter has to increase your readership.

When I first started using Twitter I won’t lie I thought it was a complete waste of time and boring as ever. Let me explain why I felt this way. Anyone that is on Twitter can tell you that there are a ton of people that auto tweet and are not actually ever on so it is just like staring at a feed with no people behind it but you can weed these people out ( I will explain later in the post). Or there are the people that are on but all they want to do is sell you something or get you to click a link but there is no conversation what so ever. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to do a few ads and to have people click links to you story on your blog but don’t make that all your twitter account is going to be for.

If you understand anything about networking it is about creating relationships, these relationships serve a purpose but you won’t create any if all you do is auto tweet and post ads and links back to your site.

You have to learn how to jump into conversations and become a part of the chatter. Through actually having conversations with people and building relationships you will inevitably bring more people to your blog. Because your conversations are in all your followers timeline they will see that there is a real person behind the tweets and that you are personable and enjoy talking to other people and that you’re not one of the Twitter bottom feeders. I have been listed quite a few times based on the fact that I get out there and start talking to people, I also pose questions to start conversations.

Here is how I suggest going about building those relationships. You will want to first start following people, of course. I would suggest following as many people as you can. Twitter does have a limit as to how many you can follow in a day in comparison to how many people that you have following you. The great thing about technology is that a ton of people have programs that will auto follow you if you follow them so this will give you a follow for a follow (everyone doesn’t use this but I will talk later about unfollowing non followers).

Then begin looking at the feed and finding conversations or comments that interest you and then jump in and reply to whomever’s tweet that sparked your interest. Doing this will tell that person you want to get in on the conversation and then just go from there but make sure your actually replying to people when you are having a conversation and not just tweeting it in the status bar with no @ (someone). If you do this chances are whoever you are talking to will not see what you said if they are not actually on twitter an dare tweeting from their cell phone or some other program.

Basically now just get out there and start tweeting and sparking up conversations. People that are talking to you will probably send you out #shoutouts and tell people to follow you. Every single @(mention) increases your presence on twitter and on the web driving more traffic to your blog.

There are so many in’s and out’s of twitter but this was just an overview for you all. I want to close by letting you all know that I have decided to start a blogging basics blog that will be linked from The Mommy Chronicles. This blog will cover topic more in depth but in shorter post since the site will be dedicated to blogging. I do longer post on here because I only give you all info on Sunday for blogging. I will be rolling the new blog out in a few weeks and can’t wait to share even more information with you all.

Also don’t forget to come and talk to me on twitter @TMCdanielle I follow back everyone and I try to talk to everyone on a pretty regular basis.

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Alex said...

Thank you for Sharing and its true Twitter is awesome for networking, you just have to know how to use i.

ninabadzin.com said...

Can't wait for the blogging basics posts!! Thank you! As someone with a 3-week old blog, I need the tips! :) Nina

UAN said...

Followed your advice on twitter and I'm now following more people and trying to converse more. You really have a lot of followers and people you follow!

Chanel said...

I can't wait to see your new blog. I'm sure it will come in very handy for me.

Julie from Momspective said...

IF you're a blogger or have any business at all, Twitter is key. I've been told publishers won't even consider a book these days unless the author has a large twitter following.

Danielle said...

Thank You everybody for the comments I am glad that I could help. My new site maybe postponed since I am having some issues just getting this site down. I will be working on it over the next three weeks.

shannon717717 said...

Will you notify us when it's up?
Also,I want to vote for you up above but when I click on the link it takes me to a ton of blogs.How do I find your's?Sorry,I'm not to familar with it.

Danielle said...

Shannon I will be sure and to let everyone know once it is up and live. I am shooting for the end of January.

And thank you so much for voting for me actually just clicking on it counts as a vote so you don't have to do anything else. I really appreciate it.

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