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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SEX Why is it Taboo for Mom Bloggers

So I am sitting here and I am reflecting over the past few months and some interviews that I have done with other mom bloggers and a constant thing that I keep hearing is that sex is one of those topics that you just can't talk about because pr reps don't like it. I find it funny because obviously you had to engage in some type of sexual activity in order to become a mom in the first place (okay KY pr rep shoot me an email...lol) .

Now I am not saying that we should be on here talking about our sex lives and who, what, when and where but damn ladies we are women, we are human and we are moms and so we have had sex. It isn't like we are all the virgin Mary running around here. I think that we as moms shape many aspect of advertising up until now most ads are geared toward men. They have sexy young women in them but I don't know about you but I want to see a hunky man half naked on my tv screen every now and again.

Why is this not okay for moms? Ladies I need you to chime in and tell me your thoughts on this.


Sweet T Makes Three said...

That is a little ironic, huh? I for one am tired of our society being so sexualized for either gender. It seems like everything is about sex and the consequences have trickled down to things like breastfeeding (gotta cover up!)
I'm a 14 year old at heart though. Saw "SEX" in my GFC list and had to click. LOL. You'll probably get lots of hits! ;)

Vivian said...

i completely agree. as long as sex is discussed in a tasteful way, there should be no shame in Mommy Bloggers dishing it out every now and then. =)

Annie D said...

I completely agree with you! It's just sex, and we are all adults here. Some people are uncomfortable talking about it, and that's fine, but at the end of the day this is YOUR blog and you should be able to write about whatever you want. I have no PR reps or ads on my blog so I'm not concerned about losing those. People need to lighten up :)

Di said...

I have no filter so I could talk about sex all day long. Makes the hubby a little uncomfortable but hey - that's just the way I am. Then again I've never really brought it up on my blog but now that you mention it - I think I will!

Danielle said...

Thannks for the comments I just feel like just because we are mom's it shouldn't be taboo if we did want to talk about it. I of course don't want to hear the play by play of what you did last night but if it's your blog then you pretty much should have free reign and if I don't want to read it then I don't have to. I do understand that some people may be writing to attract the eye of a PR rep so they stray away from these types of things. But honestly it is life and it is natural and it is the way we all became mom's in the first place.

I am actually kind of interested in how moms with multiple children or who have children that sleep in thier bed have a sex life at all. I think the topic is interesting and that if handled the right way wouldn't offend but be pretty funny yet informative.

Regina said...

There is nothing at all wrong with a good sex talk!! Or staring a hot half (or fully) naked man! Which is why I love those commercials! I stared at the picture up top for 10 minutes before I got around to reading what you wrote! LOL!
But really it is your blog,do as you please!

Danielle said...

Elvira ...LOL your very right but I guess I don't have to worry sing I have already been banned by google. I may as well earn it now.

Regina you are too funny oh yea I love looking at a half naked man every now and then and love those commercials. I don't see anything wrong with talking about sex I just wonder why other seem to think it is a no no.

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