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Monday, December 13, 2010

One Door Closes another One Opens

I realized that even with everything that has happened in this last year that I am still blessed and that the year has taken many turns but in the end I have come out of it pretty much on top. I am seriously in a good place in my life and can't be mad. Obviously God has a plan for me and I need to just let him do his job and lead me in the right direct.

I just wanted to write to you all because I am in the middle of finals week and after the 17th I am all yours. I will only be working every day so I will have tons of time for my writing.

But here are some things that I need from you all....

Thursday Guest Writers: I am looking for more guest writers so if you all want to stop by and write on a Thursday contact me at danielle@the-mommychronicles.com and give me a taste of what you want to write about.

Sunday's Blogging Basics: I didn't write this past Sunday because I wanted to take it into a different direction and didn't get a chance to put it out there. But this Sunday I want to answer your questions. So if you have any Blogging Questions please ask them and then on Sunday I will have a post addressing them briefly with more in depth answers coming in the following weeks. So don't be shy let me know what you all want to know about.

Okay everyone send me all your positive energy as I tackle the finals I have in three classes this semester Business Law, Organizational Leadership and Global Business getting one step closer to the dream.


Alex said...

Good luck in your finals. I know you will do great.

I would love to do a guest post. I will contact you soon and on some blogging questions I have.


MusingMom6 said...

An easy 3rd Thursday-Sunday, I have a blog hop "Do You Realize Your Blessings" you could co-host and copy the post over.


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