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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blogging Basics: Write What You Love Write What You Know

You probably never catch me talking much about writing but it is the single most important thing that will either make or break your blog. It truly doesn’t matter what you write about but it does matter how you feel about what you are writing. If you don’t write from the heart people will know it because there won’t be any passion or feelings behind your words.

Any one that that wants to get into blogging or who is just trying to start out should understand that you will not become an overnight success. But if you love what it is that you are talking about people will begin to notice and will truly latch on and want to know more. I read so many different blogs on a daily basis and I see so many people that get it but at the same time I see so many people that don’t.

When you are writing you have to remember that your readers are not within your head and that what makes sense to you may not necessarily make sense to them. I suggest making sure that your writing is easily understandable to all that come across it so that your messages can be clearly conveyed. If you don’t believe that you can look over your own work let a friend or family member look over you post to see if they can understand from the point of view of your readers. I know that many people see their blogs as a type of personal diary of sorts but if you really didn’t want anyone to read it then you wouldn’t make it public you would have it under lock and key so that only you were able to access it, since this is not the case then I suggest that you be mindful of your readers but still stay true to yourself.

I know that you all come to find out tips and trick on growing your readership and getting more traffic to your blogs and even making extra income but it all starts with writing from the heart where people want to keep coming back and want to leave and go and tell their friends. So as you get more popular don’t lose sight of the writing stop and make sure that you aren’t just writing for search engines and PR reps stay true to your original dream and keep your writing true to you.


SingleMamaAdventures said...

I really enjoy your blogs...and appreciate the learing tips, and tricks of blogging.

shannon717717 said...

I'm so addicted to reading your posts!! You are a good writer,thanks for all your tips!!

shannpf1977 at yahoo dot com

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