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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Scariest Night of My Life: The Night Daylan went Missing

I never realized how much love I had for my son until I was faced with the thought of losing him. Last night we were at Target looking at Christmas decorations and getting Daylan some new clothes for the winter. Everything was going well Daylan was on his best behavior going so far as to push the basket for mommy. We packed the cart full of Christmas decorations all of which my little man picked out and off we went to pick out Daylan some new clothes.

We were in the children’s clothing section and I was looking through the clothes and asking Daylan what he liked and what he didn’t like and then it happened, I called out to him and there was no reply, he always replies. I began to panic it’s not like Daylan to not reply when I call him or to not be laughing or giggling, I heard nothing. It was silent and my son was gone. The first thing I could think of was just to start calling out his name as loud as I could as raced through the area that we were in but still no reply and no little footsteps running there was nothing just the random chatter of shoppers all calm happy when my son was missing.

My panic got worse my heart started beating out of control at that moment I knew what the parents on tv pleading for their children to be brought back safe felt like. I knew I needed to get help, I stopped every person with a red shirt and a walkie talkie. I was running through the store say you have to find my son his name is Daylan, he has curly blonde hair, a thermal shirt with brown orange and blue stripes. You have to find him he is only three years old. They offered to call him over the intercom, I reiterated that he was only three, paging my three year old wasn’t going to do us any good, everyone needs to be looking for him.

My mind and my head were racing the only thing I could think of was John Walsh in 1981 when his son Adam was abducted from Sears, I kept thinking they never found that little boy only his head OMG where is my baby. My panic quadrupled I was frantic I was screaming through the store “Daylan” “Daylan”.

As I was running one of the Target associates spotted me ran over and said we found him, he is in the front follow me. I was praying to God that it was my son I couldn’t handle a false call not at this moment. I turned the corner and there stood my little boy all smiles. I ran over to scooped him up in my arms, I didn’t know if wanted to beat senseless or just love on him, I chose the latter. I hugged him so tight and all I could say was “Daylan you scared Mommy and I Love You so much” and my little boy looked at me and said “Mommy I scared you? I sorry mommy, I sorry I scared you…I love you back, I love you back” I lost it and tears started following down my face I couldn’t hide it I was thankful my son was standing there because I have no idea how would have handled it if they wouldn’t have found him.

I want to send the biggest thank you ever to the Target associates at the Target in Santa Rosa, CA. If it wasn’t for them there is no way I could have found him by myself. If your ever at Target and you hear a walkie saying code Yellow it means there is a missing child and probably a frantic mother looking for her baby so keep your ears and eyes open.

There are so many children that don't make it home please help there parents have some peace:


Mandi Miller said...

Ahhh! That is so scary!! I'm glad you found him! I would have been freaking out too!

Marissa said...

very scary...geez! I would have been freaked out too :( Glad he was ok!

following you right back!

Jennifer said...

That is truly a frightening experience. I sincerely emphathize with your emotions and I'm so glad you found him.

Our Crazy Bunch said...

That is so scary. My son did the exact same thing to me this spring in Target no less. I like you once he was found didn't know if I wanted to "beat" him or hug him. I also chose to hug him but I was crying too much. Boys can scare us mama's to death and add 10 years in an instant.

Glad he was safe and sound.

KCB said...

That's so scary, and I'm glad you found him! I'm actually crying because I was thinking of how I'd feel if one of my boys went missing.


chubskulit said...

Oh my God Danielle you made me cry for this post, I got scared, I feel like I was you looking for my own son wahhhh.. That is such a scary experience, hope it wont happen again to any of us.

lfhpueblo said...

My younger sister went through that once in a Sears store with her boy when he was little. Only her son was a bit younger and also playing hide and seek with her. He hid under an unused cash register station.
So I'm sure she could relate to your fear.
Thank God they found him.

Helena said...

Oh man, I am so glad you found him!

I was at Disneyland a few weeks ago, and this happened to a father of a 3 year old. Watching him run around calling for his son, with tears of panic on his cheeks really shook me.

The Disney staff was amazing, and 20 minutes later I watched the father run over to his son, and hug him hard. It could have ended so differently.

Danielle said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. You know I was so blessed that they found him because it really could have ended differently. I was retelling it my mom last night and I just broke down crying because the thought of having to come back to my house without my baby broke my heart. I can only imagine the agony that parents all over are in when no one finds there child.

Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

I'm so glad you found him safe and sound. Thanks for sharing a mother's worse nightmare. I agree, Target rocks!

Enomfon said...

Yeah my twins got missing in a crowd of 3000 people as we were browsing the bookstands(6 year boy and girl)! Were found by kind helpers. No one wishes it should happen, but thank God their angels are ever watching over them!
We pray together that those missing will be found. Amen

bigguysmama said...

So profoundly scary. This happened when my youngest was 1 1/2. Was playing with his brother while shopping at Kohl's and the next thing I know he's gone. He'd "hidden" himself all the way 1/2 way across the store. I totally freaked and was sure someone had gone off with him. I squeezed the life out of him too!

So glad he's safe!


Ashley said...

OMG that's my worst nightmare Danielle! So glad you had a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

Family ties... I'm so thankful to God for you (my baby and Daylan). I to was made upset to learn about this.


Crystal said...

OMG Danielle! I am so sorry you had to go through that, I couldn't imagine the fear you must have felt. I am so so glad you found your little boy!


wendy said...

OMG that was one very scary experience! I'm so glad you found Daylan!

Danielle said...

It seriously hit me yesterday no matter how good of a parent you are things like this can happen to you. It only takes a minute for your child to be gone. I definitely hold my baby a little tighter and just keep thank God that they found him.

Marnie said...

That is the worst feeling in the world. I as so glad he was found safe and smiling :0)

Thanks for following my blog.


geneveve2 said...

I have experienced the very same thing when my daughter was little. That was 27 years ago in a K-Mart store. They did not use the Yellow Warning or any warning system back then. They called her name over the intercom. (she was 3) The associates did start looking for her. She was found hiding under a clothing rack not far from where I was standing when I lost sight of her. She did hear her name and got frightened so, hence, she kept hiding. I'm hopping around today and ended up here. Thanks. If you get a chance, stop by, I am new to blogging. http://grandma-sez-so.blogspot.com/

mommy EINz said...

I could never imagine happening the same with me, my heart fell while reading your story, how much more if I am in the very same position as yours...

*josie* said...

I know how it feels. I had the same experience with my youngest when he was about three yrs. old, we were also at the mall, and I was looking for a shirt his size in the hanging rack, he was just beside me and hubby was also there, in an instant he was gone from where he was standing, we looked around and didn't find him, I began to panic and all sorts of bad things came into my mind, but thank God he was just in one corner and watching something.I'm glad you found your son.

Mellisa Rock said...

This same thing happened to me in a Wal-mart - I had some of the same thoughts running through my mind but the one that was the most vivid was how and I going to explain to my husband that I lost my little boy? Thankfully he was found safe and sound like yours - it's amazing how fast things like this can happen - Now with 4 - I must seem like the craziest mother in the world keeping my little ones so close but you just never know.

Renee Ann said...

What a blessing you only had to suffer for a short time! Thanks for turning our attention to the families and children who suffer for years or just never know . . . (I'm visiting from The Girl Next Door contest.)

Kimberly said...

OMG I couldn't even imagine! One year we went to Orlando (we are Canadian) and we stopped at a gift shop. I was about 8 and my sister was 4 and she took off somewhere. My dad had the store lock it's doors and I can remember my mom was so beside herself. We found my sister behind a stuffed Teddy bear that was 3 feet tall...and she was sleeping!!

Tracy said...

This is pretty scary!! I am glad it turned out well.
Most parents do not know but there is a handy little GPS device you can put on your kids to make sure that you can find them should this ever happen.
Check it out at http://www.squidoo.com/reviewamberalertgps.

Clayton Thomas said...

I am a new follower.

The tag on the bottom of your site says "more than just a mommy blog" and you weren't kidding. This is scary for all parents. I'm so happy your son was found.


twitter: @claylauren2001

Danielle said...

Hey Clayton thank you so much for stopping by I will be dropping by your page shortly. I am happy that you also think that we are more then a mommy blog. And I am so blessed that I found my son I was so scared.

Anonymous said...

Your story brought me to tears as I could feel your pain. I have 4 daughters and sometimes it hurts how much I love them and worry about them. The love we have for our children is so strong, only a mother could know. I am glad he is safe!

Twice Baked Twins

The Adviser said...

Oh, wow. There is no feeling like this. You understand the phrase "your stomach drops". My son was lost on a BEACH. My husband took both boys to get some ice cream and I still remember my name being called five minutes later. I looked up and my older son ran to me saying my three year old was lost. He was missing in on a New York beach in July for 12 minutes. Two angels (men) found him and was returning him to the security office who my husband alerted. When I held him in my arms I did as you did and fell to my knees with him. He said he when he was lost he was looking for me too also. Later my husband and older son said they never called my name.

SOOOO glad you found your son and thanks for this post.

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