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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check Out Our Youtube Channel

So I decided that it was time to venture out into the world of video blogging. Now this will not be my primary source of blogging but I will be supplementing all of my product reviews with videos. I think that there is really something that comes across when you can see someones face and how they feel about a product.

I will also be using the new YouTube channel to keep you all informed on what is going on here at The Mommy Chronicles. So please take a minute to stop by and leave a comment and show your support. I know that right now the video is a little darker then I would like but I am working on getting a new camera. Hope that you all enjoy and have a great day.

Here is the link to our Channel


Dorlita said...

Girl here I am again!LOL I just wanted to let you know that I added your button to my blog. And I like this idea of vlogging. My hair is never combed while I'm in the house so I never made a video for my blog. Crazy to let that stop me right, but I did.

I need to rethink that don't I?

Danielle said...

Yeah I figure I will just let everyone see me as I am. It would be too fake if I was all dolled up knowing good and well I am not walking around my house looking like that. Thank You for letting me know I will be creating my blog roll real soon. I have been super busy with one to many things.

mindofadiva said...

Thanks for the love Danielle. I can't wait to start Saturday and shine some light on the celeb moms out there. I hope all the readers enjoy what I have to write and I look forward to reading your comments. Mommy Chronicles all the way!!!

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