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Friday, September 10, 2010

Work Today

So if you don't know already I am in the military (the Coast Guard to be exact). Well today I felt like I was in the move Office Space and that my boss kept asking if I got the memo. So I handle the ordering and the supplies at my current duty station and with the fiscal year ending we don't have any money to order until the FY11 money comes in. Keep in mind that everyone that I work with knows this. Well for the last week we have been down to our last printer toner cartridge and I have had to hear about it 3 to 4 times a day have had been sent countless emails about the same thing. What makes it so bad is that the toner they have right now hasn't even run out. Come on now asking me the same question more then once isn't going to speed up time and make the new fiscal year come any faster. CHILL OUT!!!!

I really do love my job but OMG

Have a break, have a manatee


mindofadiva said...

Things can be like that some times at a job. People will bug the mess out of you and it's not even your fault for why things are the way they are. We just have to take it in stride and keep moving. You are strong and can handle it.

By the way I love your design and the avatar lady you have. Did you make that yourself? I need some tips. Lol.

Marie (Jellybelly) said...

There are days like that :) Once I put a call later message on my office phone all day because I could not get anything done with all the calls.

Danielle said...

Marie I have considered putting a DO NOT DISTURB message on my white board outside of my door to my office. I feel like everytime I start trying to get something done 5 people come into ask me to do more task.

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