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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is a Socialite? No Paris isn't the Answer!

One day as a child my mom asked me "Danielle what do you wanna be when you grow up" and being me I said "I am going to be a socialite" my mother just laughed. Kids say some crazy things but the truth is that is what I have always wanted to be. Keep in mind this was before the Paris Hilton's and all the trashy little rich girls we see all over the place. My mom asked me not to long ago how exactly does one become a socialite, there is no college course in that. I had to think about it and this is what I came up with:

The first step I figured would be to get an education in something that made wealthy people reasonably accessible. I think any socialite should want to have an education to back up her status because we all can't be born to the Hilton family.

The second step is to find a worthy charitable cause to poor yourself into. Wealthy people love fundraisers and expensive dinners to raise money for just about anything. Being apart of a charity can put you in line with some pretty influential people and allow you the chance to network. Don't spread yourself to thin stick one charity and aspire to be on the board.

One of the most important steps is network network network. If you aren't out there meeting the right people you will never be a socialite. The other steps are important for this step to work because with the right education and the right charitable organization under your belt you will be able to have more then a superficial conversation.

This step stems a little off the step before it but you wanna be in the right places at the right times. I suggest getting interested in art shows, high society sporting events like polo, antique auctions, high fashion runway shows, literature ( not steamy love novels actual literature like Vladimir Nabokov), politics, wine tasting. In order for one to climb the ranks you need to know something and at least know on or two of those things very very well.

Personality is key. You have cards working against you if you aren't a blue blood ( born wealthy) so you need to have the kind of personality that makes people wanna flock to you. Be fun not crazy, outgoing, personable, mind your manners, don't be aggressive but be assertive.

If this is something you want go for it full force and may just maybe you will end up in the society pages or even Page 6 (its in the New York Post in case you didn't know) with someone gossiping about little ol you.

So now your thinking what kind of socialite do you wanna be. Well like I said before I don't want to be the Paris Hilton type. Here are my socialite role models ( in no particular order):

Michelle Obama
Jackie O
Eleanor Lambert
Alva Vanderbilt
Amanda Mortimer
Grace Kelly
Princess Diana


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