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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom Bloggers You Should Know: Deal Wise Mommy

Anne McGowan
Age: 28 will be 29 in November
State: Indiana
Deal Wise Mommy: http://www.dealwisemommy.net/

When did you decide you wanted to start blogging seriously and why?

I started blogging last November 09'. I became a stay at home mommy and wanted to find ways to save. I would post on Facebook about my deals. Many would ask how I got the deal.. This popped the idea in my head for the website.

Between everything going on in your life where do you find the time to blog?

I do not have time for everything. I am a stay at home mom of a 3 year old boy, run Deal Wise Mommy (takes about 10 hours+) on a weight loss journey. I get my deals posted, giveaways, and answer emails when I can. Family time and workout time is a MUST. I do have people get mad at me daily because I do not email them back with in a few min of when they email me. I do step away from the computer. That is the hardest part though.. Hate making people mad but need me time too.

What do you think sets your blog apart from the rest?

I think mine is set apart from the rest since I created my own look. Many blogs have the same design.. Many have the lady holding coupons, bags etc. They all look the same. We created ours from scratch. I also love to engage with readers as much as I can. I have noticed some of the major blogs have tons of questions from readers... that go unanswered all the time. My deals.. I will not post store deals that are not around me. I know a few that post deals for stores that are hours away from them that they can not verify. I would hate to send a reader to the store coupons in hand.. the deal is dead or wrong. I do lots of giveaways too. Not what I started off doing but so fun!

Being the successful blogger that you are what are some tips that you can share with the newer members of the mom blogging community on getting traffic and not getting burned out?

-Take some time for yourself. Readers might get mad at you because you are not at the computer 24/7 but that is impossible. Brush off those mean comments or do a posting about being nice. I have posted some formula deals, coupons and recalls and people just start bashing those who do use it. The issue is they do not know that person at all and why they use the formula. You are not evil because you use it :)

-If you see someone copying you and it really bothers you let them know. I have had this happen a few times. They still doing it but at least I let them know it is not right.

-Traffic-Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.. That is how my fan base grew from just a few friends to now over 11,000! Just keep telling everyone to share your page.

-As for help starting a blog-Do not get offended if a blog does not spill all the info. I did twice. The first time was great.. The second time.. not good at all. That person copied everything from my design to colors and still copies my posts and gives the credit to someone else. (She is in my home town too.. Horrible). My husband and I worked hard to start mine and hours and hours finding out info. In my case... Since we worked so hard it is really hard for me to just hand over the info in a snap. Google has been great. You can find lots of information on there!


Anonymous said...

It is a good blog, but I find it is basically the repeat of info on all the other blogs. I like those that do the deals from stores maybe not nearby because usually it is verified by another blog. It seems most of these blogs are just copy and repeat of others. This one is HEAVY on the giveaways, and not as much on the deals which is what I want. I used to do the giveaways but when you don't win ever I stopped entering any of them. Also, I find it hard for a blog to say another is copying it because that is basically what this one does as well, as most do. Good if you like giveaways.

Anonymous said...

Deal wise mommy appears very mean-spirited - that is sad :-( As another blogger I always do deals from all around the country.

Anonymous said...

I have been following Deal Wise Mommy for some time now and found the site very helpful. It is heavy on the giveaways, but who doesn't like to get excited if they win?! I appreciate she tries to verify deals so I don't waste my time going to the store to find out someone got it wrong. Very good site.

Anonymous said...

I would not call it MEAN SPIRITED. Maybe thoughtful. I myself have found heading out with tons of coupons in hand.. Head to the store.. and walk out disappointed. All "These Blogs" list all these deals and they are not everywhere. I agree with Deal Wise Mommy for not posting. I can just imagine all the mean comments for those who do head out and do not get the deals.

I really like her blog and think she does a great job. The giveaways are great too.

Anonymous said...

I have JUST started using Deal Wise Mommy for about 3 weeks now & have already got a couple GREAT deals & freebies. I have'nt won anything yet, but it is fun to enter. It is really nice to see every deal she posts on Facebook where I can easily click on the links!! I think it's AWESOME :)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, think Deal Wise Mommy is great! I get some great deals almost on a daily basis! I have never known her to be "mean spirited" and I dont blame her for wanting family and me time too. Keep up the good work DWM!

Jennifer said...

I love Deal Wise Mommy! I have won a giveaway and so has my best friend. It's so exciting to win something for nothing! She posts great information and I don't mind that she doesn't post store match ups because I follow others on facebook who do. I appreciate that she doesn't post something she can't verify. I don't understand why anyone thinks she is mean spirited. I've never met Anne, but through her posts, I feel like she is a friend!

Anonymous said...

I love how Deal Wise Mommy does her own thing, there are so many sites who do seem like they are just the same posts and then thats when I have to decide to stop following one of them because I don't need two of the same blogs.

Shannon said...

Where did "mean-spirited" come from? I love this blog! I love that I can find deals and enter giveaways all in the same spot. I have won lots of giveaways, so I find it to be fun and exciting.

Karla said...

I really like her blog. Lots of giveaways which is nice. And they're easy to enter with a form.

I'm glad you featured her!

Anonymous said...

Lovin' Deal wise mommy....she seems to be VERY knowledgeable when questions are asked and it is VERY appreciated! I am SHOCKED at the mean spirited comment....I have seen her get some nasty comments and such and she did note as of now, if you post something not nice she is deleting you as a follower AND GOOD FOR HER, she does this as a favor for all of us and if you dont like it pack your bags and quit following...in summary we (MANY of my friends and my self) LOVE THIS BLOG and talk about her often when we get together!!!

Kara said...

Oh I disagree, DWM is AWESOME. She's very knowledgeable and helpful. I LOVE the giveaways and I entered for months (elsewhere) and never won. Started doing it again last month and have won several. I think it's great that she takes time to do what she does. Kudos DWM and thank you!! <3

Danielle said...

I am loving how you ladies have really rallied around to support the Deal Wise Mommy blog. I just want all of you to know that I don't support the views of the person who made the negative comments. I think that Anne at Deal Wise Mommy is a very nice and engaging person who was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions and to me that says a lot.

Anonymous said...

Love DWM!! Have gotten great deals on photos and photo books for my sweet little one as well as several other good deals! :)

TheBargainSleuth said...

"Deal wise mommy appears very mean-spirited - that is sad :-( As another blogger I always do deals from all around the country."

Huh? Because she doesn't do what YOU do on your blog makes her mean-spirited? Not the best choice of words but then again, many bloggers do not have journalism or English backgrounds. I'm guessing "Anonymous" needs a brush-up on the English language. Mean-spirited means having a malicious or petty spirit, something Deal Wise Mommy does NOT have. If she were to say "I've got some great grocery deals for folks in my hometown but I'm not gonna post them" then THAT would be mean-spirited.

And what's up with the "Anonymous" as your name and then mentioning you have your own blog? Are you the one to whom she referred in the interview, the copycat? Then maybe she has a reason to be mean-spirited to you, but she isn't to her thousands of readers.

I have a blog and Facebook page, too, and DealWise Mommy is one of a handful where I can find UNIQUE information that everyone then copies. I enter the giveaways because heck, many of the items are stuff I'd like but wouldn't necessarily spend money on. I also do not post match-ups because there are DOZENS of other places that do so, why be redundant?

Danielle said...

The Bargain Sleuth I wanted to say the same thing I thought that it might be the copy cat. I would love for the person to come back and expose who they really are. I am encouraging Anonymous to tell us who you are.

Anonymous said...

I think more than anything some blogs are for some and not others. However, I follow DWM and to acknowledge the mean spirited comment with the link I think was asking people to defend her, and I think one should stand on their own. By not acknowledging the comment to me is better than giving the person the time, of course, that is just me. I continue to get stuff from several blogs, and I agree DWM is more for those who like giveaways and aren't looking for the deal match-ups, which is great. However, I hate those calling people lazy by not doing the work themselves, because let's be honest most of these deal blogs (DWM included) get most of their info from other blogs (look at the bottom of DWM posts it usually thanks someone else). I thank her for putting things in an easy access place because I don't want to look them all up (call me lazy :)). Only thing I don't like with the giveaways is having to "like" someones page, etc to enter. I don't want "likers" if they truly don't like my product or have never tried it...kind of like a sense of false advertising to me, BUT AGAIN THAT IS ME and I just choose not to enter those giveaways. Love of it or hate it but you choose whether to follow it or not.

Kelsey said...

I LOVE Deal Wise Mommy! I have found a few other blogs that I prefer when it comes to coupons and deals, but she cannot be beat when it comes freebies and giveaways! I've even won a couple of her giveaways! I have never seen her come off as mean spirited, if anything she might be a little tender hearted when it comes to people and their complaints. I don't know how she manages to do everything she does but I personally am very grateful!

Anonymous said...

Mean spirited! Geez! Get a life! You may be a blogger that lists deals all over the country...big frickin whoop! That is what sets DWM apart from your copy/paste operation!

Anonymous said...

I have only been using Deal Wise Mommy for a month or so. However, anyone who is raising a three year old and is still willing to help out 11,000 fans deserves a gold star in my book. We must remember that she does not need to take the time out to post all of this stuff AND she is quick to apologize if she hasn't posted anything new. Thanks for all of your hardwork DWM!

Anonymous said...

Have some people forgotten that these bloggers are VOLUNTEERING to do this? Anne does not get a salary for what she does, and while she may get free items in return for featuring things on her blog, that does not pay for the gas for her to drive from store to store. I have been to her hometown, and she does not have many stores that she can visit and verify, so what is the point of posting for Piggly Wiggly and Food Lion when they are not even in the state? Even going to Target is a half day trip by the time she drives there and back. As for her blog having some of the same things other blogs have, well, does that mean her blog is less worthy? If you don't like what the bloggers put on their blogs, put one up yourself. The only person I have seen her comment about copying was someone in her town that copied her design and everything. She puts up with emails criticizing her spelling (sure, she makes typos; so do the people criticizing her), constantly has people yelling at each other over their choices to use formula, and still comes to the computer every day rather than scrapping it, which I would do if I had to put up with the ingratitude she has been shown. I say go DWM!

Mary said...

I understand where the "mean spirited" comment came from...I think. I think it was the wrong word to use but after reading her interview it seems like she is very defensive. On almost every question she seems to be irritated about something whether it is some of her anxious readers or another blog. The answers she supplied seemed a little out of nowhere. Almost like she was in a bad mood when she wrote it.

For example, if I had been asked about what sets me apart and wanted to answer with basically the same question I WOULD NOT have brought up others saying they just do this and it's generic. Talk about yourself and not others. That's part of what made her seem mean because she was attacking other bloggers. It's super hard to tell tone through text though. That could just be how she writes.

However, I follow Deal Wise Mommy and don't think she has ever been mean. If a reader says or comments something negative, she will share it to other readers. It is probably in hopes that someone will step up and defend her, but who doesn't want support after they have just been bashed?

I follow mainly for giveaways and don't mind her not posting match-ups. There are TONS of other sites that do and if you don't want to go to another site then you should look yourself. Her freebies/samples/etc. are pretty much the same as the other sites I follow. Sometimes she posts them first but a lot of times she doesn't. I think it was a tad hypocritical to call someone else out on copying and pasting.

Lastly, the one thing that bothered me was saying her design set her apart b/c there was no lady with coupon or bags. I don't think your header image is what makes a blog different. Plus, I don't feel like hers is unique.

Anonymous said...

Valerie says......I follow DWM. She does a great job. I am a Detroit mom of 3 and sometimes I cannot get all the deals that are advertised in my area but you won't ever hear me calling DWM out for it. DWM investigates the things I don't have time to investigate. Love the deals she informs us about. The "mean spirited" comment made me laugh. Don't people have better things to do than complain about the way someone runs a blog? If you don't like it-move on and be quiet. DWM is my favorite so I'm not going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I think she does a great job. I don't find anything that she posts "mean spirited". If I wanted to know about deals found around the stores, I would get them from every other site out there. I really think it's a matter of finding who you mesh well with and go from there. If you don't care for the way she posts, then there are tons of others out there whom you might like better.

Anonymous said...

Mary ~ I agree with what you said. It is quite hypocritical to complain about someone copying you if that is basically what you do as well. I also have viewed this said "copied blog," and it is no where near the same. It also is not copied down to the same colors or look, and I no I am not the writer of the said blog (just a follower of DWM). You can't claim someone copies you or the same things, if they are getting their info the same way you are.

Also, I live in the area of where DWM lives in Southern Indiana and there are not a lot of choices. However, I am sure many of the 11,000 followers do not live in Southern Indiana so covering the Piggly Wiggly or Food Lion deals might be beneficial to someone (not that it is needed)...so to answer the comment above that might be why she would post those deals not in her area. Also, to the comment that she is volunteering her time...yes she is, but that is a choice that she makes and so with that you have to be willing to take the good with the bad. You can't really whine if you put yourself out there as you have to know not everyone is going to agree with you.

To those saying hateful things to the commenter who said she is "mean-spirited" (which I think was a little harsh) you are no better than that person by your comments. Sorry as a blogger you CHOOSE to blog, just as we must choose whether or not to follow DWM or not.

Sweetfrogy said...

All blogs are different, and the AMAZING thing about the internet, is you have complete control over what you decide to click on and read. I really enjoy this blog, because quite honestly, I get annoyed with other blogs that post what seems like an amazing deal at one store or the other, and then of course it doesn't apply to mine. If I didn't like her format, I just wouldn't read it. I would like to know exactly what is meant by "mean spirited" though. Seems like someone may want to add a dictionary search to their daily internet activity.

Anonymous said...

Mean spirited that you called out someone else in your own hometown, in an open forum. Not knowing who that is (tell us who it is so we can compare) - it is very immature to call them out. I have been on your site and you did the same there and then removed it. Move on!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the calling someone out for copying and I quote "That person copied everything from my design to colors and still copies my posts and gives the credit to someone else." Ummmm...how do you know they are copying your posts and using someone elses name? You copy people posts that look the same as another, etc so this blog could say you are using their posts and using someone elses name. Are you sure you are posting everything before them. I find it childish that she continues to call this said person out because I think it is more she is mad that this person in her town does basically the same thing. I found the blog because it is also a Top Mommy Blog, and once before DWM mentioned the persons rank on there and I found it that way. Again, the blogs are not even close to looking the same and you can't say it is copied info because so is DWM besides the giveaways.

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