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Monday, September 27, 2010

Daylan and the Invisibles

I really thought when we moved from Kansas to California we had gotten rid of the Invisibles but apparently they followed us halfway across the country.

You may be asking who the invisibles are well there are about four of them; a girl, two boys and a monster. Yes that’s right a monster. Apparently my son made up a bunch of people that he can’t stand to follow him around and bug him to the point that he breaks out in full fledged arguments with them.

I have never known a child to create imaginary friends that he doesn’t like but Daylan did it. On the ride home from school today Daylan got into a headed tug of war over his yellow car with one of them. Often times they are pretty tame but occasionally the monster that lives in the living room rears his ugly head and Daylan can always detect when he is around. Daylan has been watching tv and will just stop jump up and say the monster is coming we have to get some oranges. Yes I said an orange that’s how we keep the monster in check we have to throw imaginary oranges at his head and according to Daylan that keeps him in the living room. The stuff my Daylan comes up with amazes me.

I do hope that they go away soon because I am starting to feel like the house is getting a bit cramped. I don’t know where to sit or to walk because they seem to be everywhere and Daylan is always quick to tell me to watch out. Thanks Daylan


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