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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing Computers to Young Children

We are living in a digital age where computers and other digital gadgets rule the world around us and keep us connected to friends and family all over the world. Because computers have such a major impact on the world we live in today it is very important to introduce our children and get them acclimated with using a computer.

Children are getting smarter and smarter and as parents we have to keep up with those little brains and really cultivate their minds. I started introducing my now two year old to computers at about the age of 6 months. He now can navigate his games by himself at only the age of two years old going on three.

The best advice I can give parents who are ready to start introducing their little ones to computers is to start by just having the baby on your lap as you work on the computer so they can see how mommy or daddy does it. Once your child becomes interested in helping you push the buttons it is time to get them their own little computer game.

I purchased the Jump*Start Advanced Toddlers and Baby Programs. I started with the baby program that responds to any buttons that are pressed on the computer. My son loved this little pictures popped up songs began to play it was a very stimulating experience for him. Once he mastered that and could connect that his movements were making things happen on the screen I moved him up to the Jump*Start Advanced Toddlers. The Toddlers game was a little more difficult for him to play alone but he finally mastered it. The games go over colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet. These programs also work on hand and eye coordination and basic computer skills.

We have now moved on to the Go Diego Go! Great Dinosaur & Rescue/Safari Rescue 2-Game Set. My son absolutely loves this game he asks to play it every single day (we do however limit computer time to about 15 mins every other day). The Go Diego Go! Games help preschoolers learn a host of things, those being: problem solving, language skills, basic Spanish, counting, science, creativity and a host of other skills.

***As a side not my son does have his own laptop. I upgraded and gave him my old one I disabled the internet and removed anything that I didn’t want to get lost since a little person was going to be using the computer.***


Terrisha "Tree" Harris said...

I agree! Devant (my 3yr old) is very good at navigating on the computer to his games/learning programs. Kids can learn just about anything as long as you are willing to take the time to teach them. I look at it this way why not give him a jump start to life, at the rate technology is moving I truly doubt that computers will become obsolete any time soon. I feel I am giving him a headstart to his future. It is no diffrent then teaching him sign language or a second language (which I do both ). I want him to have an advantage in his future endevors.

Also a great new product out is the V-Tech Mobi-To-Go. It is a touch screen gaming system that is hand held and marketed for kids ages 3-8. Which means it can take a tumble or two. The screen is amazing! They also have games like Dora, Deigo, and Toy Story which teaches problem solving, language skills and etc. It also promotes hand eye coordnation. I cant wait for christmas to give it to my son so maybe I can get my I-phone back.

Danielle said...

Thanks for the suggestion I have been racking my brain to find the perfect gift for Daylan's birthday in the next few weeks. I am going to definitely look into the V-Tech To Go.

You are such a good mom Tree!!!

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