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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Childhood Stories

So I think that it is important that children grow up and have terrific stories to tell about their childhood and how horrible of a parent you were when they were kids. I myself have a plethora of great childhood stories about my mom...

My fondest memory is of mommy telling me that my precious dog had ran away and that I should go outside and wait for her to come back (well unbeknown to me my dog did not in fact run away mom had taken the dog and had it put down). Well being the good kid that I was I sat and I waited and waited and waited and of course my dog never showed back up. Thank You Mom

or how about that time when I went to the skating rink with my friend and the deal was her mom dropped us off and you were going to pick us up but you forgot (oh it gets better). So keep in mind this is before the dawn of the cell phone and so as the skating rink is closing thats right closing they let us use the phone which is busy (because being the frugal mom that she is we didn't have call waiting and still don't) so we are sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting and it starts to rain still no mom. Then finally we reach her on the phone and she say all surprised I have to pick you up I thought you were in your room this whole time. Way to know where your kids is....

I just want to thank my mom for giving me these great stories to share with you that I am sure she will say either never happened or doesn't remember. I love my mother to death and I turly believe all the crazy things that occurred in my life made me the great person and mom I am today.


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