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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blogger or WordPress: What Do I Do?

So as I read more and more information about search engine optimization I wonder if I should move The Mommy Chronicles over to Wordpress. This isn't going to be to long of a post but I would like your comments and opinions as to what you all think that I should do and which will give me the best options and why? I really wanna make the move but am a little frightful that everything will be lost.


Retinna Bell said...

I've been considering doing this very same thing with my blog. But I'm just not sure either. One thing you can do to make sure that you still have your blog's content is to back it up. While I think that there is a way to backup a Blogger blog, you can always copy and paste it into a document file.

djones said...

I have blogs on both blogger and wordpress platforms. With wordpress you have so much more control over what you want to do. As far as design and with the plugins. I choose wordprees over blogger. There is something in blogger that helps to make the transition smoothly. I believe it is the export blog under settings tab and then basic.

Danielle said...

I for sure want to make the transition. Google as a whole has really upset me but I will have to talk about that later.

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