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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Would Suck as a Stay at Home Mom

Don't get me wrong I love being a mother and I love being a mother to my son but there is no way that I could spend each and every minute of my day with him.  I am pretty sure that if I had to I would develop some type of mental disorder that would require tons of therapy and antidepressants.  It's not that I don't enjoy spending time with my child but the fact of the matter is I love working outside my home, I love the fact that I get to interact with other adults on a daily basis and not just to talk about what Daylan is doing.  I love the fact that i have a life outside of being a mom and I wouldn't want to change that for anything in the world.

Yes I would love to be home more with him but not to the extent of staying home with him each and everyday.  I am pretty sure if by some freak of nature I had to stay home with him our days would look something like this:

Daylan would wake up come into my room and continuously ask me to cook him breakfast and I would pretend like I didn't hear him for about an hour or two and then I would tell him something like your a big boy how about you go get something out of the cabinet.  Once I finally rolled out of bed I would discover that my three year old just had a breakfast of pretzels since it was the only thing low enough for him to reach.  Then I would stroll into the living room sit on the couch and go back to sleep as he proceeded to play around me.  Nap time would come when he just got too terribly tired to continue playing and would be passed out in the middle of the floor surrounded by little matchbox cars and hotwheels.  Being the good mom that I am I would just throw a blanket over him and then I would proceed to nap number three.  Bascially our entire day would be filled with me sleeping and him just running wild and then eventuallly I would wake up and he would be grown.
Since I am such a great mom I work to save Daylan from what could become of his life if I were a stay at home mom.  I have to tell you ladies that do it I commend you because it truly is not for everyone but I have to ask how in the world do you do it without getting completely and utterly annoyed by your children day in and day out. 


chubskulit said...

I am a SAHM of two toddlers and it gets tiring sometimes but I love it. I am used to it now.

Jesseca said...

Our little guy was a 'surprise' baby. Needless to say, we didn't plan ahead, and could not afford daycare. Thus began my career as a SAHM. It's taken me over a year to regain my sanity! Living the SAME schedule every day was so boring, but now we've found a way to keep things interesting. We both try to stay as active as possible, and change things up frequently. I do agree though, I lvoe my son, but miss my life outside of mommyhood!

jellybelly said...

I'd love to stay home with my toddler but I have to work and I don't think I can stand being a stay at home mom with no outside life. I just try spend most of my time away from work with my baby girl.

mommetime said...

Once upon a time I was very career oriented and could never imagined being a stay at home mom but now years later my wants, priorities and needs have all changed. I've tried to do independent contract work out side of the home and was miserable taking my kids to daycare. I stay home with them because I want to. Some days (just like working outside of the home) sucks and I want to pluck my eye balls from their eye socket but I tried once putting them in outside child care...did not like it at all. I think whats important is knowing what you want and accepting it...conflict is the worst. Wanting to stay home and not being able to because you can not afford it I think would be the worst. Amy

Clayton Thomas said...

It's a personal decision we all make. There's no shame one way or the other. I am a sahd and I love it. Honestly, I don't think my wife would be a great sahm for a long length of time.


Danielle said...

Clayton let me just tell you that you are awesome. I think that it is great that you stay home with the kids and that your wife works. I know for me I can handle being home with my son day and night for about a week and then all I can think about is going back to work and whats going on at work.

Amy you are so right if you wanted to stay home and couldn't afford to that would be hard because you would be torn every time you had to take your child to daycare. I know for me when I use to live in Kansas I wanted my son to have the stay at home mom experience minus me so I got a private sitter that was an older lady and it was just him and her. So he got all the homemade meals and all the extras and it was great because he got what he needed and I got to still work. It was like having the best of both worlds for me.

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