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Friday, January 14, 2011

All the Women I Am

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Once again I am inspired by a country song it’s very rare if I am not inspired or touched by song especially when it comes to country.  I was listening to the new Reba CD titled “All the Women I Am” there is a track on there by the same name that got me to thinking about all the women that I have inside of me. 

I swear it is getting crowded inside my head with all the different personalities that can pop out at any time.  I decided to make a list of some of the more colorful characters that I rear their heads from time to time in my life or even throughout my day.

We as women all have different personalities for different situations so maybe you will find one that you can relate to or you can just laugh at how crazy I am either way it is all good to me.

I am debating on starting with the bad ones first and then easing you all out with the good ones but you all may need to be eased into the bad ones.  I guess I will start with the one that is around the majority of the time and just work my way down the list.

The Mommy

We all know her she all too well because this is the face that most of wear each and every day.  We are constantly but out fires with our children from temper tantrums to kissing ouchies.    Sometimes this personality is hard to shake especially when you go from talking to your child to talking to an adult.  I often times forget that I don’t have to negotiate certain things with grown people that I have to with my son. 

Occasionally I catch myself talking in my mom voice which for me isn’t really all that sweet in calm.  I am more of an authoritarian so I have to make sure that I turn aspects of The Mommy off so that adults don’t think that I am bossing them around like a mother would when trying to get her child to pick up his toys. 

The Firecracker

This is my favorite one which gets me into trouble a bit as well but she isn’t going anywhere and she is always around pissing people off.  She is the one that likes to give too much information and make people completely uncomfortable.  Once her grandmother asked her why she smoked cigarettes and she told her because all the other good stuff was illegal.  Her grandmother thought it was funny which is all that really mattered.

She never regrets the things she says but on occasion regrets how she says them.  She is full of life and energy and is always making people laugh with the craziness that comes from her mouth and now days her finger tips. She is the one that tells it like it is and not any other way.  She is very bold and very confident. 

She believes in saying no but doesn’t believe in being told no.  She has an interesting way of looking at the world but she is a realist to the extreme and has on one or two occasions been called the dream killer.  She will always keep you on your toes and you never know what is going to happen next or what she may say next but you always know that you will be entertained.

The Saver of Lost Souls

I personally think this one gets me into the most trouble only because I feel like I need to go out and save the world on a regular basis.  I have gotten better at not trying to fix everything for everybody but I still get caught up in a cause every now and then even if no one knew it was a cause.

I use to be the crazy lady wanting to save all the animals that I found wondering around on the street.  I felt like I needed to take them all home and love them.  Of course that turned into a complete disaster. 

Don’t even get me started on all the people that I have tried to fix or save from themselves.  I have since learned that if people don’t want to be fixed or helped then you should probably not even bother because they are very appreciative.

Not too long ago I went and talked to the Chaplin here on my base and he told me that I had a Messiah complex but so totally not in a good way.  I was like what is that suppose to mean.   Basically he stated that I give too much of myself to everyone and I try to take on their problems to the point that I think of them as my problems and it results in me having problems. I guess that was just a nice way of telling me I needed to mind my own business and leave people alone.

The Business Woman

She is always on her game working her angles networking her butt off.  She lives by the ABC’s of (Always Be Closing).  Every new person she meets is a potential contact.  She lives on her BlackBerry and can’t leave home without it.  She has planners for her planners and reminders for her reminders.  She never misses a step and heaven forbid if she does she is quick to correct it. 

This is me quite a bit these days since starting the blog and then starting the new blog it’s all about networking, networking, networking and getting my name and blogs out there.  I love what I do and I have a real passion for connecting with others on many different levels.  I basically work an entire full time shift just working on the blog each day but it doesn’t feel like work because I love it.  I am answering emails on my Blackberry all throughout the day and I am not a stay at home mom so I have been doing a balancing act for the past few months but like I said I don’t get stressed about it because I enjoy it and that passion for it keeps me going.

The Girl Gone Wild

I don’t allow this one to get out all that often because she is a little too difficult to pull back in and contain.  She is allowed out once a year for a period of 3 days to a week but that is it any more than that and she throw of the balance between all the others.

Her skirts and dress are a little too short and her tops are a little too low cut.  She drinks tequila like it’s going out of style and always ends up on a bar or tables somewhere dancing the night away.  All I can say is she is too hot to handle and has no fears, cares or worries.

She has traveled all over the place from Thailand to Vegas and everywhere in between she believes that you go big or you go home.  When she is out she is out and there is no one that can rain on her parade not even a hurricane can keep her down (yeah I made it to South Beach anyway).

She has been caged up for about a year now because the others have been dominating the scene she is ready to come out I can feel it but she will just have to be patient.

The B***h

Now this one comes out when you push me to the point where I am fed up and I am no longer trying to save your soul but more like trying to take you out back and beat the soul out of you.  I really try my hardest to keep her in check but once you let her out all I can do is tell you to run.

She seeks to destroy and conquer.  She likes conflict and never backs down from a fight.  She is always locked and loaded with something wickedly mean to say to you because after all you deserve it for pushing her to this limit.  She doesn’t hold back and when she sees you start to break she will rip into you again it’s just the nature of the beast.

I suggest treading lightly when she is out because she will make your life a living hell but if you treat all the
other ladies right you will never have to meet this one but don’t slack and always be aware that she exists.

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