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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Just Had a Baby (Doesn't Work 3 yrs later)

I recently decided that it was time to get back on track and to get my body back into pre-baby shape. I had a great revelation a week or two ago after looking at some pictures of myself before and after I had my son and I didn't like what I saw and there was no way on God's green earth that I could keep using the excuse "I just had a baby" since I was walking around with a 3 year old. I hadn't gained all that much weight after getting pregnant but I had become seriously lazy ( I could blame this on a ton of thing but that would be avoidance from the fact that I was being lazy). I made up my mind that day that I was going to get my beautiful body back on track.

I look at people like Heidi Klum who had a baby and just few weeks after she is walking the Victoria Secret runway. Okay, your thinking well she had trainers and all that jazz. I thought the same thing and then I realized so do I. I am in the Coast Guard and it just so happens that the unit that I am at everyone is a certified personal trainer so why couldn't I have a Heidi Klum body I have a staff of 11+ trainers and nutritional experts a hop skip an jump away and mine are all free, take that Heidi Klum. So I went to work and I made it happen I asked one of the staffers to be my personal trainer and another to map out my dietary plan so pre-baby body here I come.

My goal is to get back into kick butt shape by the time I go home in February. I have an extremely intense workout that keeps me in the gym every single morning. I am so happy to be on the road to looking and feeling better.

Is anyone else on the road to getting in shape and shedding the extra weight?


Chanel said...

I thought you could use the baby excuse for up to 5 years...lol

I am right there with you. My goal is to get back in shape by my 30th birthday which is in about six week. You are lucky to have those resources to help you get back into shape.

Vivian said...

ugh, losing the baby weight is the worst! my weight fluctuated so much after BG1 was born but I"m hoping i'll be diligent after BG2 bc I need to be skinny again! hate the flab! & don't even bother to look at celebrities who lose the weight in like a day (damn them)! if i had the money i'd get myself a trainer & meal guy to help me out too! haha

Danielle said...

Chanel...LOL yea I was using this excuse all over the place everytime some one asked me anything about my weight I would be like I just had a baby and then they would ask how old he was and I would be like oh he is 3 and then I would get that look like is she crazy.

Vi girl I don't have the money to pay anyone either that but I am just lucky to work in an industry that its the norm to have trainers on staff. If the military is good for anything it is good at kicking your butt back in shape or kicking you out and leaving you unemployed.

Crystal said...

I've had 4 little dudes..and I'm very critical of my body so I'm always doing different workouts, targetting different areas. What I find is hard is the super-healthy meal plan. We eat well, but not according to the weight-loss meal plan that accompanies the workout. On what budget can I afford to feed my 5 men those non-cost effective meals??!! Just sayin'! But I hear ya on getting and staying healthy...I'd like to think I'm modeling a healthy lifestyle for my dudes!

Jen Carl said...

I feel your pain. I have a two year old and I haven't lost the baby weight. I actually can't even blame it on the baby part as I only gained 4 lbs during the pregnancy because I couldn't eat anything the whole 9 months or I would get sick! After I had him, I made up for 9 months of saltines and gingerale and ate everything in sight. Then I was hospitalized because I hurt my back and spent a month in a lazyboy with nothing to do but eat. 50lbs later, I feel sick about it. I am a blogger too, I was thinking about working it into my blog and making myself accountable to my readers as I obviously can't be accountable to myself. Good Luck with your journey!!! I hope I will be right behind you in the new year! Have a happy holiday:)

Jen C

Danielle said...

Crystal you make a great point that healthy foods are super expensive. I seriously think sometime they make them that way on purpose. I have never understood how foods that are organic are more expensive since less has gone into them. You would think that if you your not using pesticides or what not you wouldn't have to pay more but thats just what I think. I know for me it is just me and my son and I only have to cook for us. I usually make him his meal and I will make myself a salad because the truth is he isn't trying to lose weight so I am not forcing him to eat what I eat.

Jen C. I feel for you my dear. I am sending lots of positive energy your way. I have had the same issues with being accountable but since I have someone waiting for me every morning I have to get up and go so that I am not being rude and I am all about not keeping people waiting so it has been really good to get me in the gym and motivate me to get up and get going.

sheswrite said...

I'm on the bringing-my-pre-baby-body back bandwagon. I too had a toddler and was still talking about how it's my baby weight that was jostling around my body. Blech. So I dropped the poundage and got preggers again. I'm due in a month and have vowed to get my body back in shape much, MUCH sooner than the first time around.

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