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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girls You Can’t Do What the Guys Do and Still be a Lady

Don't lose your self-respect
Tryin' to gain revenge
'Cause no matter how you do it
You lose out in the end
Betty Wright

I am often inspired to write after listening to songs that I love. This song by Betty Wright gets me every time and pulls me back in and reminds me that no matter how hurt I am by something a man does to me I can’t do the same thing and still consider myself a lady.

Men can do some of the most horrible things to the women that love them. They can lie to you, cheat on you and use and abuse you but if you stoop to their level what do you really gain. Like the quote from the song above says don’t lose your self-respect tryin to gain revenge.

When I think back through all the trial and tribulations that I have had with the opposite sex there have been many of times that I have wanted to hurt them as bad as they have hurt me but this song always starts playing in my head and I have to refrain from doing anything that would make me as low down and dirty as they are.

I believe as women we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard but that doesn’t mean to just roll over and let them take advantage of us either that means don’t go out and try to lie and cheat like he did because you will lose your self respect. Just make sure when it comes time that you take his ass straight to court and get your alimony and your child support. You hurt him in his pockets and maybe next time he will think a little harder about what he is doing and who he is doing it with. And then you look at him and tell him “Bless your heart” (if you are a southern woman you know what bless your heart means).

All I have to say is I love me some Betty Wright and if you don’t know who she is you should get acquainted with her because she has some pretty real and empowering songs . Check out the Clean Up Woman, Babysitter, After the Pain, No Pain No Gain


Vivian said...

That is so true, it's the whole double standards thing, but it does work both ways for men too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to trust men easily and most are dirt bags, but that's what the chase is for I suppose, looking for that good guy in the haystack of evil men, haha.

lfhpueblo said...

Yep, it doesn't do any good to hurt them back the same way they hurt you. News, flash here, it probably wouldn't hurt them the same ways anyway. Why do I say this? Because, think about it, if they really loved you totally and deeply they wouldn't have gone down that road. So someone who doesn't care about you totally and deeply wouldn't get hurt emotionally because their feeling were not deep or totally committed emotionally to you.
Yep, been hurt, but didn't do it back.

Danielle said...

You ladies are both so right on.

Vi that is what the chase is for so that you can weed out the bad ones and find yourself a good one. I think that is where I jumped the gun I didn't allow the chase to last long enough and so I didn't get to see all the other things that present themselves later down the road.

Ifhpueblo how right you are most men are not going to respond or be hurt they way your hurt by doing the same things they have done or trying to make them pay. Like I said if you were a wife and got hurt make sure you get your child support and alimony no man likes his money being messed with because that cuts down the money they have to boost their egos and find other women to run their games.

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