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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Do It Yourself Body Wrap for Weightloss

We all know by now that I am getting really serious about my weight loss journey so on Thursday I left work and went and had a body wrap.  It was amazing I was instantly addicted but they are so expensive so I paid close attention to what they did at the spa and I created my own body wrap technique at home that I must say works like a charm to help lose the extra inches.

I am sure that most of you have heard of body wraps and know all the different benefits of getting a body wrap.  So if you all are interested in testing out my technique for yourself.  I taped this video on Friday after I had already done about 3 previous body wraps the night before.

The spa recommends having about 5-6 sessions of body wraps which can be very expensive but the technique that I came up with will only cost you about 30 bucks and you can accomplish the 5-6 sessions in your own home.

What You Will Need

 Heated Electric Blanket or Heating Pad
Plastic Wrap
Cellulite Smoothing Gel
Vitamin E Oil 

You can also add the essential oils of your choice depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your wrap.

Basically this wrap works just like using a postpartum girdle except your not only using your own body heat but you are also using the heat from your heated electric blanket/pad.  Also using the gel and the Vitamin E helps you with those problem areas. 

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Mommy Glow said...

Thanks for sharing! Way back when I dormed one of my roommates did a body wrap and I was intrigued but never did it. What results have you seen using the wrap? Why is it important to use the cellulite cream? I def think I'll try it, I hope its comfortable enough to sleep in!

Danielle said...

I have currently been using the wrap since Thursday and I do it every single night and some days i do it twice a day. I have definitely seen a difference keep in mind I am doing it in conjunction with a juice fast as well but so far I have lost a total of 9lbs using them both and my stomach has gotten noticeably smaller.

The reason why I use the cellulite cream is because it contains L-Carnitine which is fond naturally in our skin it also helps to convert fat into energy so applying it helps reduce the fat and cellulite in your problem areas.

I use this on my thighs as well and you can use it on your behind as well.

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