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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pity Post: I Miss My Family

So I originally was going to write something clever and funny about my son having OCD (don’t worry its still coming) but since he has been sick and I have been stuck at home with him for the last week I have got to spend a lot of time just thinking about how much I miss my family and my friends back in Oklahoma. This post changed so many times because more and more things just keep coming into my head as I try to write this but here goes my pity post.

I came to California almost a year ago because I had this great idea that I should get married and since I am writing this about missing everyone chances are we all know how that ordeal turned out. So almost a year later I am sitting here isolated from everyone that I know and care about and it’s the holiday season and the only company that I have is my 3 year old who may I add is not the best source of company especially when he is sick, tired, hungry, being dramatic, or obsessive. Don’t get me wrong I love him to death but I need some adults in my life. Actually to think about it I just need a life period.

I came here thinking I was going to have this great family unit that was all awesome and such and so it wouldn’t matter if my parents and friends were all the way in Oklahoma. How wrong I was because now as people are making plans to sit around tables with their loved ones I am stuck in California with my 3 year old. Does anyone have any idea how much it cost to fly from California to Oklahoma (hint: more then it should). So here are my options sleep until the day after the Thanksgiving (which is near impossible because I have a 3 year old who is off his rocker), ban Thanksgiving in my house (could work as long as we don’t watch tv or try to go to the store since they will all be closed), or just pig out on ice cream and then be depressed that I totally gained 5 extra pounds (worst option yet I am already debating on getting lipo so this won’t help). Damn it these options suck and I can’t make any of this any better.

I just want to go home. I want to see my mom and my dad. Then I wanna take off child free into the streets to see all my friends and party the night away so that I can endure another year of solitude before the next time I will be free to come home again. I never realized how utterly boring I have become and just plain don’t like it. I think that 2011 is going to be totally different because I graduate from college and I will have a full year under my belt here with only three more to go until I can get myself back to the homeland I like to call Oklahoma.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a grown woman and her OCD 3 year old let me know. I will send you a brochure with a color photo of us and we will send you updates every single month. Damn I’ll even make you a macaroni necklace and some crappy art work and you can tell your friends your sponsoring a child. Just think what only 20 cents a day could do for us (yeah think hard about it because it could do absolutely nothing)

Show Your friends this pic and tell them that we live in a fort made of dinning room chairs and a sheet for a roof. Don’t these pictures make you want to help us out….


bigguysmama said...

You poor thing! I feel terrible for you but can totally understand! I'm in MN and my family is in VA. I have an aunt here who we're going to see for Thanksgiving. If it weren't for her we wouldn't be spending the day with any family. I would have friends from church, but it's never the same, you know?

I hope you find a sponsor! LOL You go girl!


UAN said...

Danielle, you're a funny gal: how did you think of making a shelter with your dining table?
Anyway, I really feel for you that you won't be able to go see your family at thanksgiving.

Danielle said...

UAN actually I came up with the idea because he was sick and I needed to use a vapor steam machine to help him breath so I had to think of away for him to get the most steam so I made the little house and I put the steam machine inside of it and I put his chair in it. It made a big difference.

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Awww. Pity given! Though you are definitely not boring. Exotic animal birthday party? My kid should be so lucky!
New follower from Bloggy Moms.

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