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Monday, November 22, 2010

Living with Mr. OCD

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t call my son crazy, I know that is bad of me as his mother but I think that he is a little on the nutty side. He is a beautiful child full of life and joy but he is completely obsessive. I have been told countless times that its merely just a phase but I am truly starting to question what people have been telling me because I have never known a phase that lasted 3 years.

Daylan is 3 years old and I swear he has OCD. If you think I am lying let me give you a rundown of the craziness that has gone on in my house for the last three years.

The first time I noticed it was when he was about one he would play so nicely and quietly with his cars. He would spend hours lining them up just right and if you happened to touch just one of them he would freak out and have to redo the entire process. It was actually pretty comical to watch him tear them all apart and then have to line them all back up perfectly. This has continued on in to today.

Now let’s move to the arrangement of things in the refrigerator. There are certain things in the fridge or frigifrator as Daylan likes to call it that are strictly his. He has his own shelf and everything and mommy better put everything back where it goes. I am notorious for just tossing things back where ever they fit but Daylan is always right there to remind me that the water has to go on this shelf in this exact spot. I have even caught him in the kitchen taking things out and putting them back in. It’s seriously a tough job making sure things are just right. My mom thinks I am crazy for going along with it but its seems easier to me to just do it the way that causes the least amount of stress.

Now if that isn’t OCD in the works what is well here is the most recent thing that happened on a visit to the hospital. Keep in mind that my son has been sick for a week with a 105 temp so I rushed him to the emergency room they admitted him immediately but that didn’t stop Mr. OCD from rearing his little head (actually Daylan has a really big head). The nurse was trying to convince him to take some medicine and he was resisting in her efforts she spilled a little drop on to the clean white sheets. You would have thought that someone had just gotten murdered the way Daylan freaked out.

He looked at me all sick with those big eyes and started screaming mommy it’s wet mommy fix it it’s wet. Then he got right next to it and just fixated on it and started crying and pointing. I looked at the nurse and said that she was going to have to change all the sheets if she wanted him to take the medicine. She looked at me like I was nuts because the spot on the sheet was literally a spec but Daylan didn’t care because he is just obsessive like that. First she dismissed what I had said and kept trying to talk to him and he just kept screaming about the sheet being wet and that it was dirty. Finally she believed me and had to pull out all new sheets to calm him down. She spread the clean crisp sheets on the bed and immediately the crying stopped and he looked at her and said just as calm “Oh thank you it’s clean now” then he nicely took his medicine and laid there like none of the above ever happened.

Every day is new with new challenges and new processes to be perfected the Daylan way. Even the simplest things are more difficult when it comes to Daylan. He has an array of fleece blankets in every single color and he carries a different one everyday but in picking out the one we are going to use for the day we he has to give if a fully on inspection if he finds a speck of lint on it he wants to have nothing to do with and we have to wash it immediately, I don’t know how many times I have gone to the laundry room and seen half of his things stuffed in our washer, it drives me nuts but that’s my baby.

I seriously sympathize with the woman that marries my Daylan. Any woman that marries him will have the luxury of a very clean house because one of Daylan’s favorite activities is cleaning the house. Maybe his obsession is more my fault. I convinced him that cleaning the house was a game and that vacuuming was the most exciting thing one could do. Now everyday when I pick him up from school he runs to me and says mommy are we going to clean the house today, I want to help you clean the house today or we have to clean the house today.

Now don’t get me wrong he enjoys helping me clean and I enjoy doing this with him but it is 10 times more stressful when Daylan wants to help but he is mine and I love him OCD and all.


Fran x said...

My son(2) lines his cars up in a perfect line,they also have to be in size and color order...he's just started doing the same with trains now.
Also if any of his clothes,even the most tiniest bit,gets wet he'll take whatever it is off and just scream til he has dry clothes,not in a 'i want a new one' way but more of a panic scream.
Does drive me insane some days but just like you i wouldnt have it any other way :)

UAN said...

Hi Danielle, You might be right about him having OCD but then again, children his age like things done in a particular order and when you break that order, they can get really upset! It's a good thing that he's only 3 so he still has a few years before he can start dealing with the ladies (he's a cutie)!

Jamie said...

Hi Danielle, I just became you're following. I have been reading Mommy Blogger Basics for the past couple of weeks and finally realized that you have a personal blog. He he.

Your son is adorable! Let me say, you aren't alone. I'm pretty sure my son is a touch OCD as well, but he gets it honestly... :) If a friend comes over to play and puts a Batman from his Imaginext playset in a Little People car, he flips and starts crying and saying "those do NOT go together!" He also insists that certain cups are for specific drinks. I haven't been able to get him to drink milk since I took away his "milk cups" because they're sippy cups. It's funny how some things don't bother him though, like dusting his sister's room with an entire thing of baby powder. I agree with you though, it's easier to just indulge their quirks. :)

I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime. http://tripledutymomma.com

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