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Monday, November 1, 2010

Don’t Touch Your Pee Pee

So I have recently seen an increased interest in my son’s fascination with his pee pee. Now I know that any mom with son’s knows that little boys are drawn to their pee pee’s every time they are undressed. I wouldn’t be so concerned about it if my son didn’t squeeze it so incredibly hard. I have to constantly tell him stop squeezing it like that as the color drains from it. I am thinking to myself if you squeeze that thing any harder it’s going to fall right off.

I am sure you all think I am overacting but when I say he squeezes it I mean a Jaws of Life grip on it. Because of this I had a terribly hard time with potty training right at first especially trying to get him to pee standing up. He would squeeze his pee pee so tight that he couldn’t even pee it was ridiculous. I was convinced that my son would be peeing sitting down for the rest of his life but because of a great thing I like to call daycare and seeing other little boy’s his age go standing up he miraculously stopped squeezing his pee (he still handles it all the time when he isn’t fully clothed), and started peeing standing up.

Not only does squeezing his pee drive me crazy but the wanting to touch his pee pee and then give me some food. I am like seriously kid you think its okay to put your hands all over your pee pee and then give me some food and I am suppose to smile and accept it and eat it. I am sorry little guy but you can keep that to yourself. Just from this I can already tell that having a boy will be a real adventure.

Can anyone tell me how many times I used the word pee pee in this post…LOL…?

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lfhpueblo said...

18 times for the word pee and a couple for peeing. LOL. Boys are a trip, hang in there. Well maybe 'hang' wasn't the appropriate word here. Why can't boys grow the thing when they are ready to graduate high school?

Danielle said...

Yeah its hangin all over the place. I seriously wish it wouldn't grow until like after college. That way I can insure that he finishes school and doesn't get anyone pregnant along the way. hahaha

wendy said...

My 6 years old cousin do this all the time! Sometimes he would play around with it and pick up some food to eat.

Danielle said...

LOL...Wendy my son is notorious for touching his pee pee and then trying to feed me some food. I always move my head out of the way or I take the food and pretend to eat it then throw it away. I learned my lesson the hard way after getting really sick from eating after him. Kids just aren't clean they are like little petri dishes.

Tiffene said...

That's funny mine is a little pee pee toucher too! And yes he wants to feed you with those pee pee finger. But what's up with the squeezing? Mine does that too, crazy boys!

Danielle said...


I seriously can not figure it out boys are really something else. I love my son to death but not enough to eat anything from those nasty pee pee fingers of his.

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