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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Craziness: My Unplanned Adventure

I was sitting at my house watching the making of all the True Life episodes and I felt instantly inspired to get out and document the craziness of Black Friday. I packed my three year old in the car and hit the streets in the middle of the night with my Nikon around my neck.

Just as I thought there were people camped out with their blankets and chairs and even some with their pets in tow. I am amazed that people will sit out side a store for hours to wait for stuff. I mean I love savings I do and I love shopping but I don't love it enough to sit in the cold, sleep in a chair or tent it is just not that important to me.

I personally feel like if I made it the entire year without a particular item then I probably don't need it and neither do any of my family members. Now if you tell me that household essential like groceries, toilet paper, medicine, and other things that I need for my day to day I may actually be inclined to go but probably still wouldn't go and sit outside a building in the cold.

But to each his own and so for all of you out there freezing your butts off while I am in the comfort of my home, sitting next to my fireplace watching my big flat screen Happy Shopping.

Anyway I hope that everyone hand an excellent holiday I know that I sure did.


Janelle said...

Yeah it's too cold and unsafe for me. I can't muscle up the nerve to be out there pushing and fighting offer items, when the stores only order a few of them anyway!

Danielle said...

Janelle I am right there with you I in no way want to run around trying to get 1 of 4 tvs that they have or anything else. Yeah and you won't see me fighting over anything its all stuff that you can't take with you anyway when you die not to mention the toys you buy your kids this year will be old news after about a few months and they will be asking for something else its like a cycle.

Nicole weaver said...

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UAN said...

Those pics are hilarious. That guy in the second pic: what could he want to buy that he'd stay out in the cold for? He looks like he's freezing!

William k Wallace said...

I have personally never camped out to buy something, but if I was saving enough money to make it worth my while I would do it a hearbeat. Each to their own I guess.

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