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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Reach of a Blog

I am so amazed when I look at where a lot of my readers come from and I think to myself with out this blog I would have never been able to communicate with people across the county or even other countries. The internet and blogging have connected so many people across the world. I would love to see where everyone is from.

I have this idea but I need you all out there to help me out with it. I want to take this stuffed animal and send it out across the country on a journey to discover new places, people and cultures. If you are interested in participating let me know.

Here is how it will work I will get a list of everyone that wants to participate and we will send one very special stuffed animal out and all you have to do is take Snort (the stuffed animal at the top of the page) out sit him somewhere and take a picture of him at a famous landmark or the sign for your town something to show where he has gone and then post it to your site and link back to us ( I will be making a slide show of all the places he has gone and all the people that have participated) and then pass him on. Then we will see just how far he has gotten and how long we can keep this going.

Now to increase participation we need to get the word about this. Tweet this like it on Facebook, link to the original post do whatever it takes to get the most participation available.

Participation is key here.

Everyone just post a comment below with your name, city and state and blog address I will get the list started and mail it out to the first person snort goes to. Once they receive snort and the updated list then snort will be sent to the next person at the top of the list. I will get put myself at the very bottom of the list and see just how long it takes for snort to find his way home.

Please comment by November 15th


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