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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mommy Mishaps My Week Reflected

I am sitting here thinking about all the craziness that has happened this past week and I am flabbergasted that I even have the energy to type this.

I have to pause before I say this but Monday by far was the best day of this week. Now if you know me Monday is never a good day of the week. Monday's mean back to work and Daylan is back off to daycare kicking and screaming the entire way. Well this Monday was a holiday and I was able to kick back and relax which was much needed and if only I would have know what was to follow in the rest of the week I would have gotten a lot more sleep.

Tuesday through Friday was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events. All was well Tuesday at work and I picked Daylan up and he was happy and very happy about starting preschool (so was I tuition went down 10 bucks its not a lot but man does it add up). We get home and I start getting a terrible headache, it was so bad that I decided that I needed to take out my contacts and pop on the glasses. All was well for a few hours and then it was time for bed I take off my glasses and I began to feel something in my eye that I just could not get out. I was sure it was a eyelash or something so blinked and blinked again no bueno. I decided that this called for some good ol eye drops. So I get up and head into the bathroom with out my glasses on big mistake (now let me tell you guys I am near 100% blind without the assistance of contacts or glasses).

I am pretty good at navigating through my house in the dark so I didn't think to put on my glasses for assistance. I get in the bathroom and I am digging through all the drawers by this time my eye has swollen up and i'm thinking I am having an allergic reaction so I began to dig more frantically for the eye drops my allergist gave me and then BINGO. I find a small eye dropper bottle and promtly unscrew it and squirt it all over my eye. "AHHHHH!" I began to scream my eye was on fire it was burning like nobody's business and being the genius that I am I thought "Danielle you should put some more in there maybe that will help" it didn't help it just made it worse. By this time I was in so much pain I decided I better get a closer look at this bottle. So I put the little bottle right up to semi good eye and low and behold I just squirted half a bottle of anti fungal drops for ringworm all in my eye. No wonder my eye was now on fire.

So now with only one semi good eye I was on a quest to find the eye drops. I searched high and low emptied out all of the drawers and cabinets and VIOLA. "I FOUND THEM...YAAAYY!!!" I was careful this time to check to make sure they were actually eye drops the bottle said saline solution RIGHT ON. So I unscrewed the lid and there was a little crust around the edges but I figured they have to still be good. So I go to squirt them in my eye and nothing comes out I am squeezing as hard as I can but to no avail. I decide being the resourceful woman that I am that I should disassemble the bottle and pour it directly into my eye. It was a good plan. I got the bottle opened up and I began to pour. "AHHHHH.....NOOOO....GOD WHY ME!" apparently they were really old and they had not only crystallized out side of the bottle but also a bit on the inside and I had just poured all in to my eye. I was defeated I looked as if I had gone a few rounds in the ring. I gave up and went to bed and by that time it was Wednesday.

So after completely jacking my eye up the night before it was time to go to work. Work went well like it always does, I get home and turn on the TV and all is well. I pick up Daylan, we play and eat dinner, then off to bed he goes. I am sitting and watching Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis on Bravo when I decide I need to get up and head into the kitchen. While in the kitchen my television screen goes black and starts flashing no signal. I'm in a panic this is the season finale and I am going to miss it. I start turning things off and on, unplugging cables and wires but nothing works. I finally give up my eye is still hurting from the day before, my headache has intensified and I am just plain tired.

The next day (Thursday) I make it my mission to get that darn TV fixed I call Comcast (my cable provider) and I tell them what is going on and their reply to me is I need to make sure my cable box is on. I am thinking to myself "Do you people seriously think that I would forget to turn my cable box on?". I run down the list of things that i have done to fix and they commend me on my great troubleshooting job but still it leads me nowhere because the TV still wasn't working. I am feeling defeated once again trying to figure out how to break it to Daylan that there isn't going to be any YO GABBA GABBA tonight. He takes the devastating news in stride and proclaims to me "Mommy when I wake up in the morning I'll fix the tv...OK?". Awww mommy's little helper, 3 yrs old and already taking care of his mommy (well not really but its the thought that counts...RIGHT?). I spend the rest of the night sulking about not getting to watch the reunion show for The Real Housewives of DC and turn in early.

Friday has always given me hope because Friday means only eight hours until the weekend begins. I should have know that with the week I have been having Friday wasn't going to be any different. Daylan goes into a full blown temper tantrum in the morning and refuses to go potty, to get dressed and to pretty much do anything that I tell him resulting in me being late for work. But of course it didn't stop there I am at work and I decided that i was feeling hungry so I would go to the Subway located on our base (they have the worst customer service EVER!). I get my sandwich and proceed back to my car and back to my office. As I am driving the short distance from Subway to my office I get pulled over by the MPs (Military Police).

Two of them approach my car. One is talking to me at the window while the other one is peering into all my windows (seriously was this necessary I mean civilian police encounter nuts everyday when they pull people over and they do it alone, did two MPs really need to approach my car like I was going get out with pistols drawn...I think not) So in my mad dash back to my office I guess I didn't stop at a stop sign. They write me a ticket and inform me that I have to appear at the bases traffic court. I look at the MP and say "Seriously can I just give you some money and call it a day" he says "No you are required to go this is not a monetary ticket". I tell him fine and they are on their way.

The day goes on and finally my day ends and I get home and decide I should check it the TV has started working again....nope still broke. I decide that i might as well go pick up Daylan since I can't watch any television. I pick him up and tell him that we are still with out TV but that i will get it fixed, promise. We get home and I got to work unplugging and plugging back in and then I notice something. The TV says 3-1 well that's odd so I go to the remote and I turn the channel to 3....Its A MIRACLE. Apparently all week while I thought that the television was broken it was really just on the wrong channel. I guess maybe I should have listened to Comcast after all instead of tuning out after they suggested that I had forgotten to turn the cable box on.

Well I am praying for a good weekend and a much better week next week but I guess we won't know until it gets here.


Domestic Goddess Mommy said...

I truly hope that when you look back on your crazy week you will laugh and laugh. I'm so sorry, but that's what I did reading it, especially that last line about the TV!
Hope your eye is all better!
:) DGMommy

Danielle said...


I was actually laughing as I was writing it but it much easier to laugh at yourself after everything is all done.


KCB said...

Hi mama!

I'm just stopping by to say "hi" and let you know I'm following you now. :-)

Feel free to visit my blog and follow if you'd like.

KC @ One + One = Four

Mellisa Rock said...

Here's to hoping that you start this week off on a better foot - I've done the same thing with my TV.

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