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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom Bloggers You Should Know: A Bloggy Mom

Name: Tiffany Noth
most of the time, out of my mind in Indiana
Blog Address:

Community - www.BloggyMoms.com

Confernece - www.BloggyConference.com

Blog – www.ABloggyMom.com

When did you decide you wanted to start blogging seriously and why?

Technically, I’ve been blogging since 1996… though the term was not yet around. I was 16 years old and my parents had just purchased out first computer. I was immediately drawn to sites such as angelfire/tripod {I don’t recall which I used first} where I could set up and publish my own site and content. I had a lot to say and enjoyed logging my life, thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Between everything going on in your life where do you find the time to blog?

Good question! The five minutes I find here and there throughout the day are what add up to my blogging/online time.

What do you think sets your blog(s) apart from the rest?

I really couldn’t tell you, except that no one else is uniquely me, living my life or having had my past. I think being able to tell your story is what makes the difference.

Being the successful blogger that you are what are some tips that you can share with the newer members of the mom blogging community on getting traffic and not getting burned out?

If you want to build your blog following, first you must write unique content. Yes we’re all moms blogging about motherhood, but no one has exactly your life or daily stories. No one else is uniquely you.

Next, be approachable and make connections. Visit other blogs and get to know other moms.

It can be very difficult to keep from getting burned-out. You feel pressure to network, network, network. Do everything at your own pace and at a pace that doesn’t take from your time and energy for your family.

There are so many things that you put out there about yourself when you do a blog. Are there subjects that you keep off limits strictly for those closest to you?

I do not publish pictures of my children on any of my blogs or Bloggy Moms. I am also very selective on what I share about them, my husband and my extended family. Everyone needs to find their own level of comfort in what they share about themselves on their blogs. Keep in mind, the world is watching {or has the ability to do so}.

Looking forward where do you see yourself and your blog going in the next few years?

I hope to continue in providing community and support for mommy bloggers and hopefully provide a little humor along the way.


Vivian said...

great interview & love the blog! am following you now =)


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