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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do You Speak Vietnamese?

Well the short answer is no I do not. I am sitting here on my couch drowning myself in pity of how sick I am and the fact that i have spent the entire morning hooked up to an IV at my job. I just want to relax and then the doorbell rings. My house is in utter chaos at the moment because the past week I have been cleaning up poop and vomit from my kid. So I jump up thinking that my landlord who is suppose to be here this week has come by and to my surprise two little old Vietnamese ladies are standing on my door step.

I opened the door and they are just as surprised to see me as I am to see them. They stare at me for a minute and say where are the people that live here. I pause as to not come off rude and say "I am the person that lives here". They follow that up with "Do you speak Vietnamese" and I pause again thinking do I look like I speak Vietnamese and can't you see that I don't even look like I am all here as it is. But I politely say "No".

But yet again another question they ask "Were are all the oriental people in this neighborhood" I have to take a really long pause as I think to myself "Oh yeah I walk around the neighborhood taking a census of all the oriental people here on a daily basis". Once again I am polite and I say "Try that house on the other side of me I don't know if they are oriental but its worth a shot".

I honestly don't know who these people were that lived in this house before me because this is the second time that someone has come asking for them. From the prior visits I have gathered that the people that lived here before were Vietnamese and they were being sued. Maybe tomorrow someone else will show up and one more piece will be added to the puzzle.


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