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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday Night Date Night: San Fran Style

So a few weeks ago I asked my husband on a date. Yeah thats right I asked him! He of course accepted my invitation and I let the planning begin. I was looking to have an upscale evening because I wanted to get all dolled up. I have to stop here and pat myself on the back because I am by far the best date planner alive today (my ego is a little big). The night started off at...

The Bubble Lounge Champange Bar a real top shelf kinda place in San Francisco. Now this place is pricey but it was worth it I sipped on a Pink Lady and my husband had a Red Dragon, and yes the drinks are amazing. After a few drinks that cost about as much as a meal we headed off to the highlight of the evening Farmer Browns as soul food restaurant with a California edge. The place was hip and chic but still very warm and inviting. The atmosphere is set perfectly with old school jams playing in the background and the movie Uptown Saturday Night playing on the big projection screen.

This place really knows how to set the mood but lets talk about the food. All I can say is AMAZING. I had the catfish with collard greens and yams my husband had the fried chicken with garlic green beans and mac and cheese. The great thing about this place is that they are about supporting local and african-american farmers, using organic, biodynamic, and/or sustainably raised foods, and beverages whenever possible. You can't beat that.

So the food and the drinks were all breat but the most entertaing part of the night was in the smoking area of Farmer Browns. There were two older men enjoying their cigarettes and talking about their travels. That doesn't sound all that entertaining at first but keep reading. So being the ever so nosy person that I am I step closer and keep listening.

These two men whom I assume are marred began talking about the prostitutes in Thailand and about how they are everywhere. One man says his married buddy went (meaning he was talking about himself) and said it was impossible to avoid hooking up withthem because there were just so many. I am thinking seriously thats a lousy excuse to cheat on your wife, it like me saying gee there sure are alot of banks around here I don't think I can keep myself from robbing them. Then the other man joked about now that he is older he needs a prostitute that has some stretch marks, was going through menopause and had hot flashes because that reminded him of his wife. All I could do was laugh.

I have to say the smoking area never fails there is always livley conversations between smokers. Even if you don't smoke go out and visit your local smoking area and be prepared to be entertained (do worry the second hand smoke wont kill you on the spot...just hold your breath and don't inhale...LOL)

So my evening as a whole was wonderful and if you are ever in San Francisco be sure to visit:

Farmer Browns
25 Mason St
San Francisco, CA 94102

The Bubble Lounge (also located in New York)
714 Montgomery St
San Francisco, CA 94111


chubskulit said...

Hmmmn, great idea ti ask your hubby for a date hehehe.

Now following your blog, ope you can drop by sometimes.

Danielle said...

Yeah sometimes it's necessary to ask your husband out on a date and plan it so you get the kinda date you always wanted. Thank you for following I will stop by for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely night, Cousin. Thanks for sharing!

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