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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Tip of the Day: The Kitty Litter STINK!!!

So we recently adopted a kitten and let me tell you I can't stand the smell of kitty litter so in and effort to fight the stench I came up with a solution to my problem.

I thought about it and I thought about and I came up with RICE. Yes you read correctly rice was my solution. Rice is very absorbent so I mixed some rice in with the kitty litter and VIOLA the stench was gone.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you


Melysah said...

I have 3 cats. I use the Tidy Cats Breeze box. (http://www.tidycats.com/Products/Breeze/) It filters the litter so your cat doesn't step in pee.

I put pine in it. I like the smell of the pine. It's also organic and flushable.

Very cool to hear about rice working!

Danielle said...

Melysah I have never heard of using pine. Actually the only thing I think of when I think pine are pine cones so how exactly do you use pine and where do you get it from. I will have to look in to the tidy cats I have currently been using arm and hammer super duty.

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