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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mommy Ouchie Kissing is REVOKED

So we all have kids here atleast you might well they get hurt and they want kiss on the ouchie and they need you to make a real big deal about. Well my son's ouchie kissing privliges are revoked.
Why!? You may ask. Well let me tell you...

I was cool with kissing your forehead, forearm, your leg, your finger (God knows where thats been) but you come to me looking all sad and pitiful and really expect me to kiss you butt because you fell down and landed on it. Well no more I say no more ouchie kissing for you little man. When I became a mom I signed up for a lot of things but being a butt kisser wasn't one of them.

Sorry mommy has limits too!!!


Amy said...

You had your entrecard on my site a few days ago and I visited your blog and was quite entertained by your post. I saw you again and thought I'd pop on over and see what was up today and I wasn't disappointed! I love your writing style! I'm now following your blog and will be back often.


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