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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deal Wise Mommy Has Something to Say

After the onslaught of comments from Monday's post of Mom Bloggers you should know. Anne from Deal Wise Mommy has asked me to include the following information pertaining to the blog that copied her.

From Anne:

I just want to clear up the copy blog.. It did happen.. I did call her out on it so the "Colors etc" have changed.. Guess I should have worked it better. When "Her Site" started.. She did have the EXACT same look.. Would have made you mad as well and hesitant to give info.

And there are many times that I have given a Deal to another site and the copy blog when to that site.. Took the deal and thanked that person knowing it is my site. There are other things too that you might not notice but I would because she was a friend and does this.

should have cleared that up a bit.. Her design is different now and mine too but when she started..At the time I had this light lavender back ground color and a deep purplish blue for the logo.. I log in to her site....Same lavender background color and same color for the logo.. My husband was really mad and knows about HTML code.. Got on her side.. Looked at her code.. exact same.. Would have made anyone mad.

With your question about what sets mine apart... I thought my logo was different.. Nothing bad with the people who use the Ladies as logos but we wanted to do something different.. We have been using a shopping bag since day one and when we updated.. Got a new one to keep it similar.. We worked on our design ourself.. Layout, colors etc. We did not pay someone to set it up. We only pay for server space. We are so proud for doing so.. Took HOURS to figure it all out but feels like a great accomplishment.


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