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Monday, September 20, 2010

#1 Reasons (because no one wants to read 2-10)

So we all have been surfing the web and we encounter the top 10 or top 100 lists but sometimes you just want to know that the #1 thing is on the list. So here goes my #1 list.

#1 Reason why people have kids
All I have to say is $2,000 dollar child tax credit ( bet those Duggars are really making out on that one).

#1 Reason why people become hoarders
Antique Roadshow on PBS (buying other peoples junk to only find out that it is worth millions but chances are it isn't worth anything)

#1 Reason people drink
Its the kids I tell you! Apparently the child tax money isn't good enough to keep them from drinking.

#1 Reason for the lack of physical contact
Facebook (enough said)

#1 Reason for childhood obesity
Facebook and video games (excluding the Wii that requires actual movement)

#1 Reason your mother is mad at you right now
You don't compare to her friends kids


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